Corporate Internet Branding

The Internet is a ubiquitous Corporate communications and sales channel, however many companies are still not utilizing much of its power.

That could be because of loyalties to comfortable old channels or that there aren’t enough Internet marketing experts to take their brands into the digital realm. Regardless of the hold-ups in leveraging internal or external Internet communications options, consumer and B2B channels are growing their share of the market. Resistance is futile and with this change in how consumers and B2B buyers are reached, is a change in the symbolism, voice, and style of promoting brands. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Internet can’t play a supporting role for your offline or TV advertising.

Corporate Internet Branding

For many campaigns, the Internet is just another conduit for sales videos and corporate brochures. Some are satisfied with this, however the Internet’s own power to communicate and generate business shouldn’t be underestimated. The Internet, whether through public Web sites, search engines, Internet radio broadcasts, and e-mail are very targeted. It is shown to reach the right target at the right time with the right message. It doesn’t matter whether you use a Web friendly, or search engine friendly approach to your online advertising and promotion. You need to be there anyway you can. It’s too important to let it slide.

Internet branding is a term in increasing usage because branding can be adapted to be effective on the Internet. That’s different from broadcasting your TV video ad or showing your marketing brochure on your Web site. With Internet branding, you’re taking into consideration that viewers have searched around and seen many other products similar to yours. They may have reviewed many more product or service features than they would think about while watching television or casually reading a magazine. Your customer’s context then is different. The splashy video display generally isn’t there and surprisingly, few people are interested in seeing it. They’re pressured for time and want to find what they’re looking for. If you understand their quest for knowledge, you can better shape your value proposition and even your sales pitch.

Active Internet Positioning

The Internet appears to be a passive marketing environment, but it’s actually very active. To stay one step ahead of the elusive customer, you have to continually position your products and Web site to meet their needs ahead of time. An Internet marketing expert helps to tell you where people are going ahead of time. You may even position your brand better with this knowledge.

Customers loyalty

You have returning customers whose loyalty you want to build and you have new prospects coming in searching and enquiring about different things. It’s not easy to position a brand to meet all those needs. There are experts in the field who can help you understand Web visitors and help you build powerful Corporate Internet Branding strategies. It’s easy to say you’ll advertise to reach all the same prospects you did with your TV campaigns, but Internet audiences are different.

Advertising, such as search engine advertising can be expensive

You may not be able to afford to reach those same people. That means you may have to plan a way to reach particular segments of that audience with more specific features and benefits. Only after you bring them to your Web site and established credibility with respect to the product they’re inquiring about, will you be able to present your corporate brand. Corporate branding is powerful today and Corporate Internet Branding even more so. You can introduce products more quickly and even reposition them more effectively. People see corporate brands all the time though and are not necessarily impressed that your corporate brand will make this particular product relevant to them.

For instance, just because Nike makes golf equipment doesn’t mean their “big mammoth driver” is the right one. The corporate logo won’t be enough and forcing the brand on them isn’t going to make them buy it. Search Marketing Instead, Internet branding strategies, particularly those that deliver targeted visitors to your Web site, ensure your establish credibility and relevance. Remember that Web visitors are in an intense state of consciousness. They’re very often looking for something specific. If you want to get anywhere on the Web as a user, you have to have an idea of what you want, or you’ll sit frustrated in front of your computer. Television and magazines are very different. The channels and pages in these mediums are limited and the prospect is captured. Not on the Internet. There are billions of web pages and hundreds of millions of Web sites.


With search engines, consumers can get help finding what they’re looking for. High ranking sites get first crack at these motivated/directed consumers. Your corporate Internet marketing strategy should be heavily involved in search engine visibility. It is an opportunity to present your site many different ways to many different types of consumers. The potential reach is further enhanced because you have International reach and the cost of entry is so minimal. Searchers are looking for quick solutions too. They’re not looking for fancy graphics and complicated menus that fly out all over the place. They’re looking for specific things about your products and services. Here, you have a low cost of adapting your brand imagery and communications to suit each group of visitors. Generally, it just takes another Web page designed and written for that group of consumers. You can fashion your homepage to let current customers get to what they’re looking for as well. After these searchers have found your products and services relevant to their search, your corporate brand will then have the power to make the sale and establish brand loyalty.

Intelligent corporate Internet Branding adapts to the consumer

It de-massifies to serve each person as they arrive; yet it still delivers the corporate brand communication at the right time after the visitor is satisfied. Rather than a boastful in your face confrontation with the consumer, your corporate image becomes a helpful one and is relevant and timely. You get credit for being there when they needed you.

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AdSense – is it all that the hype says it is?

We’ve all seen the hype surrounding AdSense, contextual advertising on your web site, and heard the stories of people banking thousands from this groundbreaking concept. But… for every person banking $1,000’s there are many, many more who are banking less than $50 per month. There are many reasons for this so let’s examine a few.  Value of the ads – despite the hype over the high paying keywords, many keyword pay only a few cents to the advertiser (that’s you). The high paying keywords are fiercely fought over by both bidders and advertisers. That’s a fierce arena for someone with little experience and little traffic to their site. So forget about throwing up a “meso” or credit web site and then sitting back and banking your new found fortune. That is probably not going to happen.  Your business model – there are two ways to profit from AdSense – a few web sites with loads of traffic or numerous web sites with average traffic.


The concept is the same as with any business – it’s “bums on seats” or “people through the door” that make the money. Looking at the first model – plainly the problem is to get many interested people to your web site – preferably those seeking information so that if they don’t find it on your site, they click on one of your ads and move onto another site – leaving you with a few cents as they leave you.


Traffic, as any internet marketer will tell you, is not only the life blood of your business, but is also very expensive and time consuming to build up. Shouldn’t you be looking at capturing emails for your mailing list or selling them something rather than letting them go leaving you a few cents in tips. Of course if you merely look at AdSense as a secondary income, then these few cents are more than welcome.

Pile it high

Let’s look now at the second model – the pile it high concept. You need numerous very large sites, all attracting high paying words with thousands of pages, to make a good living with AdSense. There is a place for this, and indeed we sell large batches of densely keyworded AdSense article sites ourselves – because we know they work. But… here is the problem. In order to make them work – you need not only a lot of domain names, but also a serious amount of hosting and we are talking paid hosting, not the no cost stuff. Many packs sold have over 100 sites and tens of thousands of pages. 100 sites means 100 domains – that is about $1,000 a year and a lot of time finding good ones. Of course you could use sub domains, but then you have problems getting them all into the search engines and pay per click advertising. 10,000+ pages and 100 domains – that’s a server you need to rent, be it virtual or actual. That is serious money each month – and you have still not earned a dime! You have to earn a serious number of click thrus to cover your annual and monthly fees.


The ads themselves – just as banners are no way as effective as they once were, then surfers are growing weary of AdSense ads. This is especially so of those ugly sites that just throw up the maximum 3 sets of ads in the default colors, not caring if they are messy and detract from the site. Many of these sites contain minimal information and are spoiling it for those that make much more effort with their internet business. Google knows it has a cash cow and a virtual monopoly with the AdSense business, I can’t see it letting this happen for too much longer, but sadly it will take a long time to clear up and, as this happens, surfers will get more and more immune to the ads. It’s not as if you can encourage your visitors to use the links, or disguise the ads, or even place graphics around them – all forbidden by the Google Terms of Service. So what can you do to keep making a secondary income from your web sites? Well if you want to stay with Google and why not? Then; understand that it is a business and be prepared to spend out on advertising, test your product, refine your web site, tailor your advert design to your web site and lastly offer good value to your surfers.

Lastly look elsewhere – we found a great software program that lets you provide contextual adverts on your web site derived from the 1,000’s of high commission paying products in ClickBank.

The beauty is that you can merge these ads into your web site, draw attention to them, encourage people to click on them and add graphics to them. Better than that, although you don’t get paid when someone clicks on the ads, your Clickbank name is added to the link, so if someone buys from the powerful sales page you send them to, you make a very large commission – up to about $75 from some sites? So AdSense is a great system, but what about looking at other methods? – Just a thought!

With over 20 year’s management and business consultancy experience with businesses large and small as well as being a serial entrepreneur, she now helps others set up, develop and market their businesses. If you are intrigued about this new software then go to our site – if you want to build your AdSense Empire then have a look at This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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On-page optimization

When it comes to on-page optimization it really does not matter what the page looks like until there is somebody there to see what you have to offer. At that point it does matter what the page looks like with regard to navigation, links and content. – Finding the page – On-page navigation – Links – Content Finding your landing page and what is on it are essentially the same thing. The words and links that are attached to this page will determine how many visits you receive. The first heading, or H1, is the crucial element for finding the page, as far as most search engines are concerned.

On-page optimization

Although there are several elements involved, the H1 heading should use wording that contains the essential elements of what your site is addressing. Items to consider for your H1 tag – Include your product of services’ primary focus while staying away from small words such as “and”, “if” or “it.” If you must use these small words try and put them in quotes. When possible research the words to be used for popularity and frequency of search use. Sometimes a less popular term will get you a higher ranking than the most popular word because fewer people are using it. Once the viewer has found your page consider how it looks. As far as a search engine is concerned all text would be fantastic. As far as a viewer is concerned it would look boring.

Items to consider for page layout and navigation

Your address is key in this area. It should be located as close to the H1 as possible. Search engines look for it. Search engines do not recognize color so anything within the color should be marked with an ALT tag. Color is great from a viewer perspective so using “heavier” colors at the base and lighter on top will help visually move the eye to where you want it to go. Place keywords toward the bottom of the page and outside of the color. Incoming links are a big consideration for many search engines in ranking your page, but they must be quality and relevant links. Content is king. Most search engines, and viewers for that matter, are looking for content that is relevant and fresh. The two things to remember are: place the content to the upper right near the advertisements, and change it up regularly to keep it new and fresh. Viewers and search engines recognize this, it is a must. Make sure that navigation tools are easily seen and prominent. These tools are usually found at the bottom of the landing page and include: contact us, home, help and products.

On-page optimization

As you go about setting up your page, for a solid optimization, the most critical item to remember is that your page cannot become a static item. As soon as you begin to neglect the page your ranking, regardless of the search engine that is ranking it, will steadily drop. You must keep it fresh and continuously changing.

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Online Advertising service

Eliminating the uncertainty in advertising… For many people, advertising online is a quagmire of uncertainty and complexity. Rarely is there a way of tracking how effective, if at all, your ads are and if those ads are even reaching the right people. The result of these failed advertising campaigns often causes businesses to stagnate and debts to incur. The fact is there are some people who just do not know how to advertise their online business effectively.

Online Advertising service

Advertising effectively and properly online is an important aspect of keeping your internet business making money and attracting repeat customers. There are tons upon tons of ads out there, so being smart about how you advertise and where you do it is very important. There are many websites and tools out there to aid in your advertising campaign. is a top rated site with the goal of helping your business attract more customers. is a component site with owners experienced in marketing and advertising. They know what it takes to get your name out there and are dedicated to helping you and your business. Unlike other similar sites, offers many benefits and opportunities to advertise websites and businesses. By becoming a member with, you will receive different benefits according to the level of membership you choose. Overall, allows you to advertise to a targeted audience that will be interested in your site and product, making it more likely that they will purchase from you or use your services.

This takes out a large amount of uncertainty that results in using other methods of advertising. In fact, this feature can be seen on site. Called the Wombat Search, anyone is able to search through countless advertising by keywords or categories. Along with offering Recommended Advertising and Recommended Sites anyone can clearly see how dedicated is to promoting others businesses. A membership allows further access to benefits. There are four levels of membership starting at a free member and ending with lifetime membership.

Online Advertising service

The names of these memberships display the fun and whimsical attitude of The Croc Hunter membership is the free membership and offers limited abilities and benefits. Croc Hunter level is most often used by those wanting to test the waters of and quickly realizes that the site offers among the best advertising campaigns on the web. Apprentice Croc Wrestler is for those wanting to use on a monthly basis. With more features than the Croc Hunter level, as an Apprentice, there are still many features that are unavailable at this stage.

One of the most valuable of these features is being advertised on Crocads

Expert Croc Wrestlers experience more benefits and features than the previous two and is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising through Compared to the sign up cost and the cost of maintaining advertising for a year, Expert Croc Wrestlers know what it takes to be cost effective. The last membership level is the Champion Croc Wrestlers and these members are truly champions. They understand how important it is to advertise using and see the most benefits of the site’s methods and resources. Advertising does not have to be difficult or confusing. In fact, with the aid of, advertising can be fun, easy, and enjoyable, not to mention affordable. Or to put it another way, is a beaut!

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PPC Advertising – It Really Works Well!

One of the most effective and popular ways to get traffic to the websites is Online PPC advertising. PPC advertising, is also known as pay-per-click advertising and it is the way through which website owners can get targeted visitor traffic to their websites without having to stretch their budgets too far.

PPC Advertising

The benefit of using PPC advertising is that you only pay your bid on a key word or key phrase if customers click on the link to your ad in the search engine results. The more your ad is clicked on, the more you pay. The overall goal with any PPC advertising campaign is to get website traffic and if you are paying more, you are getting more visitors to your website. There are some important things about pay-per-click advertising campaign. First, it is very important that you choose the keywords that are best suited to your particular web site.

Сan PPC advertising be a very successful?

PPC advertising can be a very successful marketing tool when used correctly, but you must maximize the efficiency of your ads in order for it to work well for your business. Pay-per-click advertising can be used as your only method of online advertising, or it can be used in conjunction with various other forms of advertising. There are basically two forms of PPC advertising. These are:  First, ads spread throughout the entire Internet. These may be obvious or can be more effectively merged into the site construction – they offer a short blurb describing your business and a link to your website.  Second, paid search engine rankings.

This strategy allows customers searching for your particular keywords to find you at the top of the search engine listing, even if your site ranking wouldn’t normally place you there otherwise.

There are many ways to get your web site seen online. This type of advertising makes sense to people who want to make sure that they are only paying for results, and not pre-paying for something that may or may not prove beneficial. This is where pay-per-click advertising works best for website owners; you only pay when someone clicks on your website through the search engine. The great thing about PPC advertising is that you only pay a certain amount when someone clicks on your ad link when it comes up in the search engine.

PPC advertising is a win-win situation!

If you are trying to get more exposure for your website you really should take a serious look at PPC advertising. It has proven over the last couple of years to be one of the most effective marketing tools in the business. It has been estimated that millions of dollars are paid out per year for PPC advertising, proving that it really has a place in online advertising. PPC advertising works because people respond to it. Pay-per-click advertising is simply genius, no matter what side of the business you are on. It works because if people don’t find all of the info they need in one particular place they will then click on the links on that page.

PPC advertising is a win-win situation

Also, people trust web pages that provide good content, so they assume that the links on the page are worth clicking. All around PPC advertising works because it is set up to work! This is a truly flawless advertising plan. If you’re looking to increase your online presence, find new customers, sell more products or simply make your brand known, PPC advertising may be right for you. With careful thought, pay-per-click advertising can be both profitable and beneficial for your online business.

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