The First Social Commerce Network

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Social networking sites such as YouTube™, FaceBook™, and MySpace™ have not only been a boon to makers of funny videos – they have become a tool for savvy online marketers to sell their wares. Everything from music to used cars is sold via online videos. However, many companies are finding a problem with these sites – the free access to everyone creates an environment that is not conducive to business. Merchants have slowly begun to move away from these sites. Now businesses have something to cheer about. Until now, there were no «social commerce network» online video models, and JunkTube caters to both personal and business social commerce only. There are many businesses which feel the need of selling via video but most of the businesses are wary of promoting their business through websites which were meant for personal fun and teen social networking and can not conduct serious business. Another factor which discouraged businesses to promote videos was the audience that visited the websites. The majority of the audience visited the sites for watching funny videos or catching up on their favorite music bands. Hence, it does not make sense for a business to promote its products on such sites because they are not business-user friendly. The business would not get the target audience of the product or service that it is trying to promote. Luckily, there is something currently on the Internet which is going to change the way you watch videos and conduct business. «The Social Commerce Network» video site will soon become a reality and businesses now have a place where they can promote their products using The social commerce network site will help personal homes and merchants sell anything from music videos to lawnmowers. It is definitely an innovative way of promoting the goods and services that you are trying to promote. It is possible to upload your video for members and visitors to see without the fear of sharing the same page with someone who is not interested. The members who visit the social commerce website will be genuine viewers who would be interested in either checking out or buying a product.

JunkTube’s «social commerce network» video site is planning to charge a small membership fee for verification purposes, to ensure the quality of traffic that visits the sites. The site owners are also planning to have a check on the members to ensure that kids who are below a stipulated age do not become members of the site. Other parameters will also be checked to ensure the quality of membership through volunteered identification verification. The products or services that would be uploaded on the sites would also be screened before being displayed on the site. With so many measures in place, it will be possible to uphold the quality of the site and ensure that the products and services being sold are genuine and of high quality. This type of business model is exactly what companies and individuals interested in selling their products or services are in need of. Video is a great sales tool to promote products and services and presentation is the key to a successful business model. «The Social Commerce Network™» Video site is aimed at the single person selling an item to the business company selling multiple items. This promises to be a very lucrative and large market where anything goes including advertising which is a growing segment on the Internet and fast becoming the place to be.

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