Making Google Adsense Pay

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Mal Keenan From what I am reading in online forums and discussion boards, Google adsense is still ruling the roost, in terms of popularity, for those wanting to start earning money from home. I personally, have Google adsense ads on most of my websites and I find that even with the lowest of daily impressions an income can be earned. Ok you won’t make a fortune with a few hits per day but if you are constantly building websites and optimizing them for adsense then the income can REALLY add up. A few of my most recent websites are only getting 10-20 impressions per day but really high click through rates. Some days I can earn $2-$3 per site for a couple of clickthroughs from these low traffic sites.

This denotes HIGH interest from advertisers paying big bucks to Google for certain keywords.

Unbelievably, many entrepreneurs are earning six figure incomes per month from adsense revenue alone. The smart earners are building site after site then building out the ones that show potential. The idea is to set up sites in relatively unknown markets but also balanced with some interest in the advertising field. For instance, if you choose a niche with little or no interest from advertisers then the income will reflect this lack of interest, ie. no one will be paying google for advertising in your niche or they will be paying very little and you will earn pittance per click thru. One site of mine in an obscure niche gets hundreds of unique visitors per day and loads of adsense clickthrus, yet the income is only a dollar or two daily. This tells me that advertisers are paying very little, probably in and around 10 cents, for keywords in my niche. At the other end of the spectrum you DO NOT want to choose a niche with so much competition that you cannot get any traffic at all. The «work at home», «home business», «internet marketing» niches are not good examples for a newcomer to make money from Google adsense. The competition is just too great. If you DO already have an established home business site then by all means add some adsense ads to your site. Like everything else I have done online I have learnt through trial and error, Google adsense has been no different.

If you don’t put the ads out there then you will never know the potential. I do get some clickthrus from my home business sites and the click thru rates can be anything from 10-15 cents to $1-2. Not bad! Google adsense is definitely here to stay for the forseeable future and we can all see why. If you have any vision at all you can see the potential in earning from Google adsense and exactly why it has become so popular.

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