Why Most People Never Succeed At Internet Marketing

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It is so true. Probably only five people out of a hundred who attempt to make a living at internet marketing, actually do Can you guess why? It takes too long. In our modern society we want instant solutions. Instant attainment of our dreams and desires. While this might work for buying a new car, where it can be bought with finance, achieving several thousand dollars a month with internet marketing is not so quick. It takes time to build a business. And making money from the internet is a business. You see, many people get discouraged. They see only a trickle of results from all their efforts and decide it is not worth it. That it is too hard. I know. I have been there myself. You spend weeks looking at a few cents or dollars trickle in a day from adsense, or another income stream, and the amount barely increases each day, or even decreases, that it really is not difficult to understand why people just give up.

What you need to realise is, this effort has a cumulative effect, whereby after a certain period of time, it all begins to get easier. Think of it like pushing a huge rock up a hill. Would you not think that was tough? Definitely. However, when you finally reach the summit of the hill, and begin rolling the rock down the other side, the task of pushing the rock becomes so much easier. It is the same principal with internet marketing. When you start out, the learning of it and getting momentum started in your business, takes a while. Then after working hard for many months, it suddenly begins to get easier. The sad thing is, so many people never reach this point. It is less difficult to work an hour for a paycheck, than work an hour now and get properly compensated for your efforts six months later. But the rewards are so wonderful. To work when you want. To take holidays when you want. You must keep your eyes on the internet marketing prize. So few do long enough to reach it. But that does not mean you will not. Each day you are working on your internet business, remember that eventually you can not help but succeed, as long as you never give up. In the darkest of days, it must seems like true success will never come, and this is what separates those who make it and those who become mere casualties along the way. I do not want this to happen to you. Be strong and push through during the hard times. It will be worth it in the end. Copyright Gary Martin 2006 All Rights Reserved

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