How To Use VIRAL Traffic Exchanges To Create Your Own AUTO-PILOT Lead Generation System

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The IWE, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Lead Generation is probably ONE of the most important and most critical parts of ANY business, whether its Online or Offline, because these leads are what make up the foundation of your business and what will keep you in business for years to come. The more leads you are able to generate through your online marketing efforts, the more people(or customers) you have to send your ‘Sales Offers’ to on whatever schedule you choose. Online Marketers like call this practice… «Opt-In List Building». I’m sure you’ve probably heard the catch phrase, «The Money Is In The List», at least once or twice while surfing the net. Well, there right. And the BIGGER you build it, the better. Now, your probably wondering what the heck do VIRAL Traffic Exchanges have to do with Lead Generation. The answer is quite simple actually. VIRAL Traffic Exchanges are website traffic producers that send your website targeted traffic when you surf using their program, and we all know that in order to generate leads and build an Opt-In List of any size, we need Targeted Traffic. Those are the undisputed Facts! And the real cool thing about VIRAL Traffic Exchanges is the more people you refer through your Personal Referral Link that you get when you sign up, the more traffic you’ll receive without ever having to lift a finger because the people you referred are the ones who are going to generate all that FREE targeted traffic for you when they surf using the VIRAL Traffic Exchange they signed up under you for. The BIGGER the downline you build, the more Targeted website traffic you’ll receive.

Are you with me? Of course, you do have the option to purchase credits if you like, but why, when all you really have to do is start referring others through your personal Referral Link and have them earn the credits for you. But, that’s really up to you. Now, with that said, this is where it gets exciting because if you have your Name Squeeze Pages(if you don’t know what a Name Squeeze Page is I’ll explain in a moment) plugged in to your favorite VIRAL Traffic Exchange under the category that targets your market and you managed to build your downline to where your referrals are generating you a decent amount of credits(traffic) or you just purchased some credits to get started, all you have to do is sit back and watch your Lead Generation System or Opt-In List grow on its own. As far as your Opt-In Lists growth, it really depends on how much traffic your generating, and most importantly, on how well your Name Squeeze Page converts those visitors into Leads, which is where you must TEST and TWEAK. My recommendation is to put up TWO completely different Name Squeeze Pages and see which one converts the BEST, then use that one for all other promotions. Now for those of you who are not quit sure what a Name Squeeze Page is, here’s a quick definition: Its simply a single webpage with a Special Offer like, for example: a Free Report, eBook, eCourse or Newsletter; that has an Opt-In form where your potential lead enters their Name and eMail Address.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. Here’s an example of one of mine for you to view: Once they’ve entered their Name and eMail Address, you now have their permission to send them offers as often as you like given you give them the option to ‘Opt-Out’ at any given time if they wish not to receive any futher mailings from you. VERY Important! You do not want to be ‘Flagged’ as a Spammer, and further more, you do not want any legal action taken against you. By just doing it right the first time, you can go to bed knowing that everything is okay and in order. Well, there you have it. A simple system that will build your Opt-In List on complete AUTOPILOT by simply using free VIRAL Traffic Exchanges and Name Squeeze Pages so you too can reep the benefits of having your very own Opt-In List that you can market your offers to at Absolutely NO COST, anytime you want.

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