Stimulating Word of Mouth Marketing

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In order to stimulate word of mouth marketing, there are many things that can be done, but they must be instituted in a proper manner. In recent years, the concept of Pay-Per-Lead has proliferated the internet and marketers have leveraged that to generate leads. However, the approach can be as worthless as a 0.01% response rate per 50,000. This is why word of mouth marketing approaches must be far more targeted than CPA programs, and far more dynamic than conventional and often simplistic permission marketing approaches. In my opinion, there are at least 2 ways you can immediately stimulate word-of-mouth marketing right now. Method 1: The Ethical Bribe. This is a common method which you will want to use sparingly unless you know the nature of your target market. Will they want what you are offering? Will you be able to hit that raw nerve that will get them telling more people about your website or service or product? The ethical bribe when used can be very powerful.

It’s simple to set up. Purchase an email marketing software like the one at and create an additional campaign and an additional page every time you run an advertisement. Always redirect your main opt-in to the tell-a-friend page and set up your new opt-in codes on that page, always remembering to give them your ethical bribe. The biggest drawback is that an ethical bribe does not guarantee that people will definitely tell a friend. They will tell anyone! Thus, the set up of the ideal tell-a-friend sequence is important. To tell an individual to bring another individual to a website has constraints which need to be addressed, and probably will not be as effective as it ought to be. Technology can catch up and software to generate tell-a-friend campaigns could be a little more efficient, and possibly offer a buffet spread of items that a friend could select to gift their friend. Method 2: Social Proof Social proof is a psychological mechanism that gets people to act. If one person has been told that something is good, they won’t be able to say it’s good. They need to see that there has been a fairly large quantity of people who say it’s good before they jump without thinking. Social proof does have its flaws and I do understand that there are people who feel that it is ‘unethical’ to create a buzz. Still, the method will work if you have a good product or service that adds value anyway. People are still communal in nature, and they will always tell their friends or associates in the appropriate discussion environment about things that will benefit them. To find out more about word of mouth marketing methods, just go to

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