It takes guts to be an Internet marketer

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llbglobal That’s right I said it! You people think it’s easy being an Internet Marketer? Do you know how many people fail in this business? You want to know why so many people fail at online businesses? They fail because they underestimate the sheer difficulty in creating and marketing a good product. They misunderstand the entire concept of the Internet to begin with. How many people have you known that thought they would create a great website and then once they did it, nobody came to the site and bought the product? People in general believe that if you simply build a website then the customers will just start showing up.

Believe me, I’ve owned domain names for years with no traffic to speak of. Internet marketing has become more of a science and in some cases an art. We are constantly trying to recreate and rebrand the same old ideas so we can sell them over and over again. If you don’t understand the technical aspects of Internet Marketing then you will surely not pass the test. This is a job that takes a manor of skill only learned through large amounts of reading and research.

There is one thing I always tell people when they come to me with their moneymaking ideas.

I would say; “just because you build a website doesn’t mean that anyone will ever come to it. It’s like building an ice cream stand at the top of Mt. Everest and waiting for customers to show up, not likely”! So yes it does take guts to be an Internet marketer! It’s not all fun and games. Any of use that makes a real living online works hard at it. Probably harder than most people working a 9 – 5 job. I have personally spent countless hours in front of a computer screen day after day. You see one of the keys to any success is that you must form habits. Good habits of work and life. Good habits that dictate your every move. When you plan out your business ahead of time you will see the good and bad before throwing money at it. If you are new to Internet marketing you should keep your chin up. The longer you stick with it the more you will learn. You should really think about it as going to college at YOU University because you are the one who has to be the driving force in your life. Stop looking for quick ways of getting rich on the Internet and start focusing on building a business.

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