Google, Infomercials And The Billion Channel Internet

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Titus Hoskins Very recently, Google within its Adsense advertising program, introduced video ads to the world wide web. Companies, businesses and advertisers now have the option of using online video ads to sell their products and attract potential clients.

In addition to text and image ads, advertisers can now place video ads on participating websites throughout the web.

These video ads will be offered in three formats: Medium Rectangle (300 X 250), Large Rectangle (336 X 280), and Square (250 X 250). Those websites or webmasters participating in the Adsense program will be paid in two ways: contextually-targeted ads on a cost-per-click basis or site-targeted ads on a cost-per-thousand-impression basis. The video ads will be displayed on the websites in a static state, if the visitor clicks the ad the video will play once within the allowed space – you can click replay to repeat the ad. You can also click the displayed URL or ad to go to the advertisers’s website. In short, Google has brought commercials to the web. Google video ads may play a significant role in the whole web marketing process. Giving visitors the option of hearing the advertiser’s sales pitch/messages without leaving the host website. In our fast paced, hurried world this may be a welcomed addition to any website. You can learn more about Google video ads here: At first glance, this move by Google into video ads may seem like only the next logical step in the online advertising process, just another way to better serve their patrons. However, in a broader context, these video ads may prove to have much more significance for the world wide web.

Video ads will no doubt prove to be another stepping stone in the gradual evolution of the web into a Billion Channel Universe. Helping to turn each website on the web into an information channel – much more similar to a TV channel than a webpage. And much more aligned with infomercials than commercials. Nothing stays the same, not even the web. As downloading times decrease and video clips/streaming becomes the rule rather than the exception, all websites will be turned into information channels. Highly targeted interactive channels providing or serving up the one thing that matters most on the web – information. When the introduction of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and the rapid proliferation of wireless services and devices around the globe; one may even argue the rudimentary groundwork or framework for a billion channel network already exists and already broadcasting their messages or signals out to all interested parties. Depending on your point of view, this can conjure up a frightening image… a billion infomercials blasting their messages 24/7/365, bombarding us with sales pitches like there’s no tomorrow. However, with Google video ads and with this hypothetical billion channel scenario, there is one big distinction that must not be ignored. One distinction that changes everything. All these channels will have targeted visitors who have voluntarily and of their own free-will searched out these channels or websites for further information. They WANT to view the information. They MAKE the choice to click the ads. From a marketing perspective, this makes all the difference in the world. A targeted prospect is in the right mindset to hear your sales pitch. A targeted prospect is much more likely to buy your product or service. A targeted prospect will have a much more positive effect on your bottom line. As with any form of marketing, it is the effective methods or techniques that get readily adapted by competitive businesses staying one step ahead of the mainstream. Whether it is using audio or video ads on their websites, savvy online marketers will explore and exploit any new medium very quickly.

Google’s video ads may prove extremely lucrative for those marketers. Seeing The Big Picture On a larger scale, video ads, infomercials or webfomercials may also help in turning the web into a billion channel universe where any subject imaginable or even unimaginable are offered up for your viewing pleasure. Depending on your feelings this may be: an obscene commercialization of the web, a marketer’s paradise, or a shopper’s dream come true. Take your pick. Regardless of these differing viewpoints – marketers, small business owners, and ordinary webmasters should realize that the introduction of video to their sites does offer many marketing opportunities that can’t be ignored. It is one more powerful marketing tool they can use to increase sales and raise conversion rates. Proceed without video at your own risk. Get ready for the Billion Channel Internet and could you please pass the Google remote.

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