The Most Obvious Secret In Affiliate Marketing

Everyone wants to get ahead of the game, and it’s common that people have used unscrupulous methods, spam and scams to achieve those ends. I would like to suggest that you don’t have to do those, and all it takes is one thing, the best kept secret in affiliate marketing! If you realize, affiliate marketing is a simple thing to do. You merely find a hot product in a market, and drive traffic that converts. Your cost of promotion will turn up to be really a way to help you to make profits. It’s just a business expense. At the end of the day, people who forget the aim of affiliate marketing will get extremely frustrated and confused. Is it really just about putting up Google pay-per-click ads? Or is it about using search engine optimization? In my opinion, the most obvious secret in affiliate marketing is really the idea of being an “affiliate”.

What does it mean? Affiliating means you create some kind of relationship with the people you connect with. It describes the closeness that you have with people. After all, if you are using affiliate marketing, isn’t it important for you connect with people? So let me ask: do you call your affiliates? Do you contact people to meet them up face to face? Sure, there are constraints, but consider the possibilities. As an affiliate marketer, there are three concrete ways to enhance your relationship with your affiliates. First, give them a priority call on a regular basis. Once you feel that you have a good fit with your affiliates, call them to let them know how important it is for you to have a connection with them. Often, teleseminars can be run to develop a positive learning atmosphere with your audience while allowing a guest to come on the call to contribute. If you want to learn about teleseminars, the best person in the industry is probably my friend, Alex Mandossian. You can find him at Second, understanding what they are able to do, and write about them on a regular basis so as to beef up their credibility in the eyes of your audience. While you might think this is a complete waste of time, it’s a process known as ‘edification’.

When you edify a person positively, they gain credibility.

It also helps you foster a positive relationship with them. One person I know who talks about this a lot is Matt Morris, the founder and CEO of Success University. You can find out what his business is (hint – it has got everything to do with “affiliating”) at Third, help plug any gaps they might have. It’s always useful to help other people to plug in their gaps, especially if there are problems with some area of their business. Do it discreetly. Many times, however, a small gesture like this can bring you a very long way.

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