Daily Cash: How to Leverage Your Way to Success

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Timothy Rohrer After working in the home based business industry for 2 years now and having had good success thus far, I noticed that self made millionaires do not become millionaires alone.

The people making all the money are not the ones spending the most money or selling the most programs, but the people who network and work together and use leverage. The first thing people need to know when starting a home based business is that you will need to sell something, and how you sell it determines your ultimate success. This however does not mean you will be alone in doing so; rather working with a team or a specific person who is already successful is the true path to success online. Using what other people already know can really save time and money when starting a home based business. Leveraging yourself through people is just as important as leveraging yourself within a product or program. I have been involved in direct sales for 2 years now and have experienced success with a direct sales home based business; however I need to rely on people buying a product or service. Once that product or service is sold, I need to find another customer to buy it yet again. Finding a leveraged home based business is essential to creating a massive nest egg.

Most systems use what is known as a 1up or 2up system.

What a 1up and 2up system ultimately creates is a way for people to leverage themselves in a big way. Here’s how it works. First I’d like to mention that too many people mistake 1up and 2up systems for multi-level marketing. If you were to buy a home based business a 2up system would require you to make 2 sales before you are qualified to start receiving commissions. After you are qualified lets suppose you made a sale to Jim. You receive Jim’s commission from the initial sale and you will receive his 2 qualifying sales.

Now let’s suppose you made a sale to Sue. Sue needs to get qualified herself and since you are her sponsor you will receive the commissions on Sue’s 2 qualifying sales. You now have 2 people from Jim and 2 people from Sue that all need to get qualified. That’s a total of 4 people that all need 2 sales to qualify that you will receive. The process never stops. This is what is referred to as leverage. You might be asking yourself, okay leveraging yourself sounds great, but how do I get people to buy my home based business. These programs offer extremely effective marketing strategies that are proven to work online. Many of these systems go into detail and teach people how to market effectively online and offline. Running a home based business does require a bit of work and you will have to put a bit of effort into the system, however making a few sales can create a domino effect of sale after sale.

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