One Powerful Reason Why You Need A List

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You really need to begin building a list. Not tomorrow or next year, but now. It is the single most important action you can take for yourself and your internet income. Without a list of responsive, interested people, you will always be scrambling for traffic for your online business. Whether it is pay per click, which you must pay for, or viral marketing that you must develop products for, or articles you must write, there is always something you need to do in order to attain traffic.

You are, in a sense, not in control. Let me give you an illustration. You construct a new website, with a theme which you are knowledgeable about. So, now you have your website up. But where is the traffic? Either from a pay per click campaign, or buying advertising from newsletters could be used. And which are certainly effective. However, this will obviously cost you money. Now, let us imagine you have a fairly large list of ten thousand subscribers, with an interest in a similar area as the brand new website. All you now need to do is send this list an email informing them of this new website, and instant free traffic for you! Once you have the list, it is really this easy. Even if only five percent from this list opened their email and clicked the link you supplied within it, this is five hundred free, immediate visitors to your website. This is what I personally call Directional Email Traffic. And this works for a new website or for any website you want to get traffic. It is the most valuable that exists. Obviously, the closer to the specific zone of interest your list has with website in question, the more likely they are to not only visit, but click links on the website pages and buy whatever products are being sold, whether your own or as an affiliate. And also because these people know you and trust you. So if you ask them to do something, chances are many of them will. Can you see how powerful this is? Instead of having to buy the traffic, it is free.

This is what makes a targeted, responsive list so powerful. Remember, you need to start building this list immediately. Otherwise you will have to pay for more traffic, both with money and your time, than you really should. If you do not have a list building program in place yet, hopefully this article will convince you of the necessity of building your list.   Gary Martin All Rights Reserved.

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