Metaphors And Personal Excellence

I used to be a favorite student in literature class because I kept using metaphors. I was fascinated with them and thought they had such rich meanings. I was able to interpret and analyze them clearly and creatively, until I discovered neurolinguistic programming – and that was where my world really opened up. Did you know that your mind is metaphorical? That you tend to think more easily in metaphors and images rather than words alone? Even as you are reading this, you are forming mental ‘impressions’. These impressions can be visual, auditory or kinesthetic in nature, and you most definitely can create shifts in them. Remember the time when you wanted to gross someone out at the dining table? You’d pepper your words with graphic images of maggots and roaches.

But think about it – you were literally using language to affect someone’s emotional state. Now, if the mind was so powerful, you could change things negatively, how about creating change for the positive? If you could imagine daily that everything in your life was going to be perfect and take one simple action step every day that could lead you there, what kind of metaphors would you rather have in your mind? You see, influence begins with yourself. If you knew how to create massive changes in the lives of other people, you need to manage your states, understand the structure of your language and many other things in your life. Imagine that this could be your future. Wouldn’t you want to learn about it? NLP training is actually at your finger tips no matter where you are in the world. I’m opening up invitations for all people who wish to learn and develop NLP skills for a song. All it takes is for you to have a computer and a telephone. To register, go to where you can take up an introductory NLP course for free.

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