The Perfect Business

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Linden Huckle Everybody wants the perfect business, most Internet Marketers will tell you that they have the perfect business.

My father in-law could sell ice to the Eskimos! But I couldn’t. It’s not the business opportunity but the person or people involved that makes the perfect business. You must have a business that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling trips to the moon or pieces of rock from the moon, you MUST be passionate about it. You can gain Knowledge about your company, product or services by watching, listening and reading as much as you can. We live in a ‘I want it now’ society, all the way from food to success. Unlike food, you cannot have success NOW, you must have a plan, a dream, you must set goals and then, work, work, work and work, until your dream is a reality. It’s there. You have just got to go out and get it! It takes time, but it’s worth it in the end. Are you prepared to take action, or are you one of those people who talk about it, simply giving yourself reasons why you can’t do it. There is so much information online, a whole new world of information. Information that changes peoples lives every minute of every day. Here’s an example of the power that is, the Internet. Lets say someone has been interested in Fly Fishing all their life, they Google a few searches on Fly Fishing, the next thing they know they’re on a Shark Fishing site which they know absolutely nothing about, hmmm….


Seems interesting, within a few hours they have a new interest and have booked a Shark Fishing holiday, within a month they are buying their very own Shark Fishing boat, within a year they’re buying a property on the coast so they can go Shark Fishing more often. Now that’s the power of the Internet, it can change lives in minutes. You’re all saying, ‘What has this got to do with the perfect business’ Everything! You could be the one who is passionate about Shark Fishing and you could be the owner of the Shark Fishing web site, you also sell them the Shark Fishing holiday and their very first Shark Fishing boat.

If you’re really clever you could be on a commission for the house purchase! Now that’s what I call a perfect business. Keep dreaming And Never Quit

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