Releasing Negative Beliefs For Empowerment

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You are reading this because you want a change in your life. You believe that there is something in your life that could make you happier, more satisfied, get a greater sense of achievement, or even reduce the pain you might feel. Whatever the case, I can assure you it boils down to your beliefs about what you can and cannot do. It sounds simplistic, but this is the secret root cause that you’ve not been able to decipher until now. You see, when you were a little child, you might have picked up the telephone and gotten scolded by your mother for doing it.

Or any other behavior. Perhaps it was your fault, perhaps it wasn’t. That’s not really the point. The idea is that you learnt something that day, and it wasn’t pleasant. When you grew older, you had an ingrained emotional experience that was linked to the phone. You later justified it as something that you didn’t really want to do anyway. The trouble is that now, you might be working in Customer Service, where you have no choice but to pick up the phone. Now, you start seeing patterns. You realize that your belief requires updating. So, you turn to neurolinguistic programming. It’s an art of investigating processes. While I model powerful processes, I can also model limiting ones so as to figure out what to do with it. If you’re depressed, I can use NLP to figure out why you are depressed and how you do it, so I can undo it. If you’re unable to believe you can achieve a $1m income within 2 years, I can use NLP to shift that belief. Whatever the case, you grew up with a great deal of beliefs that you might never be able to understand unless it causes you some pain. And it might be necessary for you to be learn how to release this in order to generate massive change in your life toward the results you want and the success you desire. Join me as I run teleseminars worldwide. Neurolinguistic programming is a learnable skill over the telephone, and I’ve taught many people about it over the years. With my 14 years experience in training, and having certified so many people in NLP, I believe that you can achieve whatever you want in life as long as you learn how to use this skill. Even those who want to develop the capabilities to help other people, NLP is a very powerful skill that can shift lives in a way that might shock or surprise you. It deals with the shifts in your mind and rewiring your old programming. All you need to do to learn more is to go to and find out more about our upcoming NLP Teleseminars.

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