Internet Marketing And The Tip-Over Point

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Donovan Baldwin People in network marketing and internet marketing are always looking for the tip-over point.

The tip-over point is hard to pinpoint, but its effect can be awesome and hard to miss. Let’s say you have signed up with a new internet business opportunity. You have your website, and you have done all the promotional stuff…search engine optimization, built an opt-in mailing list, post on forums, write articles…the whole nine yards. Then you wait. Maybe an order or two trickles in, but after a while, that dries up, if it ever happens at all. So, you try a couple of new tactics, redesign the page, join a couple more forums, try some free classified advertising and sit back again. Same thing. Now, at this point, 99.99999% of new internet marketers or network marketers are going to throw in the towel and start telling anybody they meet that internet marketing and/or network marketing is a scam…a rip-off! Here’s a fact for you. It is going to take time to make your home or internet business successful. Even if you are doing all the right things, success will probably not come to you overnight. Even if you DO the right things, you are more likely to be successful if you KEEP doing them! It’s sort of like pushing a rock up a hill. You pushed it, you moved it, and the place you are trying to get to with the rock is closer, but you aren’t there yet. As you continue to push, you may hit rough spots or slick spots, and even slide back down the hill from time to time, but if you keep on pushing, you will eventually reach a spot where things change. With pushing a rock up a hill, it’s the crest of the hill. You just keep doing what you’ve been doing, and the rock will reach the crest of the hill. Depending on the slope of the downhill side, and the speed with which you were pushing when you hit the top, and the snags that might get in the way, you will find pushing the rock just got easier, and you might not even be able to catch up with it at all.

There’s a spot in internet and network marketing that is similar.

You’ve been placing the advertisements, writing the articles, visiting the forums with little or no signs of success.

Then, one day, you find that you’ve made a sale. The next one might be a day or a week away, but you keep doing what you’ve been doing and they get closer together…maybe even several in the same day. You have finally reached the tip-over point. That’s the point in which all that you have done has pushed your home or internet business onto a plane where it almost seems like it has a life of its own. However, if you quit doing what you’ve been doing, things might slow down or come back to a stop. People in multi-level marketing (MLM) sometimes get to really see the tip-over in a way that non-MLM people seldom do. I’ve had friends in multi-level marketing who spent all their time trying to sell product and just recruited the occasional new down line member. As commonly happens, most of these people fall by the wayside and never really produce anything. However, if enough people have been added to the down line, it is likely that some quality producers will emerge. When enough of these people have been added and they have gotten their collective feet on the ground, they can make a network marketing, or internet marketing, business grow by leaps and bounds. I often mention my two friends who became millionaires in two different network marketing programs.

Neither made tons of money from their own sales. Both took between three and four years to hit their tip-over point. When it arrived however; when they had enough people in their down lines that were producing income and building THEIR down lines, that’s when my friends saw their checks skyrocket. One month, one was showing me a check for over $25,000.00. Two months later, he got one for over $50,000.00. A few months after that, he was making over $100,000.00 a month! Now THAT’S a tip-over!

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