Turn Your Passion into Business Marketing Success

Marketing On The Playground (TM) Words I have heard repeated consistently from successful entrepreneurs are ”… you have to love what you do to be a success” or “…whatever you do, do what you love.” I am here to validate those words and uphold their significance and impact. Have you found you would like something much more gratifying in your career? – Branching out into your own business but you’re not exactly sure what you want to do or, – Knowing what you want but not very excited about the marketing part of having a business? There are many research sources available online or right in your own community. You will find great statistics and programs available to help you with your search.

I will provide you with an additional approach. The importance of following your passions and your strengths is second to none. I’ll share my experience with you. I wanted to have my own business, make my own hours and be filled with gratification in the work (passion) I was providing. In my career search I found Personal and Professional Life Coaching. It definitely brought the gratification and passion I was seeking, however, marketing was the last thing I wanted to do. I remember saying to myself, months and even a year into my business, “who did I think I was that I could leave corporate life and start my own business? I’m going back to the work I know.” Yes, I knew the work, but it was no longer satisfying. Thankfully, my inner voice challenged me, and I began to look inside at my strengths and passions. I compared what I knew of myself to what I was doing. They didn’t match up. Four questions came to my mind at that time and continue to surface periodically: – What do I want? – What do I need? – What was giving me energy? – What was taking my energy? After taking a good look at myself, my business, and the path I was on, I realized the only part of passion I was following was helping others in their business and even that was very generic. When I began to follow MY strengths, MY passions and MY style, a niche was born…Marketing On The Playground (TM). Here was the turning point: I gave myself permission to market MY WAY and have since created programs to help others market THEIR WAY! Isn’t it funny how those things we repel can become something we embrace when we choose to look at it through different doorways. I knew I enjoyed humor, play, color, helping women in their business and being unique. At the time, I just didn’t know how to integrate what I enjoyed into a business, not to mention, LOVE every minute of it. By focusing on the approach that works for ME, a fun, dynamic and gratifying business is evolving.

We have all heard the phrase, “you can’t see the forest for the trees”.

This seems to be a consistent challenge to all of us — I’m including myself. Do not discount the most obvious in your strengths and your foundation. Stop and look at what you have accomplished, the expertise you have and the network of professionals you have at your fingertips. I.E. Have you come from a nursing background and want to go into your own business? Look at the pieces you have and develop what YOU want from your background and foundation. Check out LeaRae Keyes, RN, Executive Director of www.nurse-entrepreneur-network.org. Take a look at what she has created from her background and expertise. Here is another tip for you. Do you think we create our businesses alone? Even though we have our home offices or an office space outside of the home, we are human beings – we need interaction, a pat on the back and different ideas to bring substance, quality and fun into our lives and our work. DON’T DO IT ALONE! Create a success team. I have been meeting with my success team every week for the last three years. I would not be where I am today without them. I cannot say this enough — Whatever you do, do what you LOVE! Thank you for the opportunity to share these tips with you – I wish you well in your business journey. Don’t forget give yourself permission to create your business/passion.

I have no doubt of your success when following your passions and strengths.

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