Increase Adsense Earnings By Quitting Smoking

I have been running the google adsense adverts on a number of my websites for around a year now. I have to admit that I am nowhere near the stage when I would be able to consider retiring on its income. I am quite envious of these people that you read about who are saying that they are earning two thousand dollars a week on the program but am fairly sure that most people would be happy to earn six hundred dollars a month.

What adsense has helped me to do, quite strangely enough, is to stop smoking.

I will explain how in this article. In the first couple of months after I had had added the google adsense code onto some of my websites, I would go and check how much it had earned on a particular day and would be happy if it was over ten dollars. The average daily figure at this stage was around five or six dollars. I wanted to find ways of attracting more visitors to these websites which in turn I believed would help me to increase my adsense earnings. I also thought about having a number of new sites built for the same reasons. One day I was very happy as I had made sixteen dollars, this was the most I had ever made in one day. I live in the UK and this would equate to be worth about nine pounds. Later that evening my wife asked if I would be willing to go to the shops to buy her some cigarettes. I was quite happy to go as I also needed to buy some for myself. When I arrived at the shop, I asked the shopkeeper for the forty cigarettes and he in return stated how much it would cost. This amount was more than the nine pounds I had made that day on adsense. Even though I was well aware of how much a packet of cigarettes would cost, this still came as a bit of a shock to me. There I am working very hard in an attempt to increase my adsense earnings and then go about throwing what money I have made down the drain by smoking these fags.

This was enough to give me the inspiration to stop smoking, I am not trying to say it is easy but knowing that over a course of a year I am likely to save around a thousand pounds was a big help to me. My wife has also been very determined and has managed to quit smoking. We now live in a much healthier environment and can now afford to have a holiday abroad each year.

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