Is Savitar the future Barry Allen

Flash Savitar why is he bad?

So, the original and the original timeline should be the one where Nora Allen lived and was not killed by Eobart Thawne.

(Because Eobart Thawne has not come back at this time, because it is the original or original timeline where the flash that everything first started in 2020)

That means that Barry lived in the original or original timeline, with his BOTH parents and in 2020, through the particle accelerator, became the real Harrison Wells to Flash.

Barry would be Flash by 2023 or later and Eobart Thawne Kämme back to meet him in Barry's time (i.e. before Barry Allen disappeared due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 2024.)

Eobart Thawne would have started hating The Flash for some reason and would try to kill Barry's younger self.

The two went back to the time when Barry was still a child and GEBAU THROUGH the new timelines we know from the DC series emerged. (So, the altered timeline where Barry's mother is dead, his father is in jail and Barry became the Flash earlier than in the original timeline by Eobart Thawne, who poses as Harrison Wells.)

On one episode, when Zoom killed his father, Barry was walking back in time the night his mother was killed by Eobart. He saved himself and his mother from Eobart Thawne and with that he created Flashpoint.

My question is: Why the fuck isn't Barry the Flash in Flashpoint, but Walley West (Kid flash)?

Why are there meta-beings in flashpoint when the particle accelerator in the original timeline does not explode until 2020 ???

When he saved his mother, he CORRECTED the timeline so that it was like the original, so flashpoint should be identical to the original timeline that I described at the beginning ???

I think it must be a mistake on the show