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The most beautiful travel destinations in Indonesia

Sumatra is perfect for lovers of jungle landscapes and animals. Here you can get to know the orangutan in its natural habitat and go on hikes off the usual tourist trails.

Do you love surfing? Then the waves are with Mentawai, Simeulue or Nias just right for you.

Do you name diving as your passion? Then we recommend a detour to Pulau woe.

But rather sightseeing? Visit the numerous palaces and temples or go on a shopping tour in one of the large shopping malls such as the Sun Plaza or the Palembang Icon.

Java fascinates with its over 100 volcanoes and its diverse nature, which has developed on the fertile soil. With the Ujung-Kulon Park and the Kepulauan Seribu this beautiful island has two national parks that are ideal for hiking.

Java also has a lot to offer in terms of culture, which here and there is reminiscent of the Dutch colonial era. Visit the temples, for example Borobudur and Prambadan or find out more about Indonesian history at the National Museum.

Together with its rice terraces and coffee plantations, this all forms a heavenly mosaic.

Because of its many temples, Bali is often referred to as the "island of the gods". So here you have every opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the entire island state.

"Diving" is a good keyword anyway, because the island convinces not only with its sanctuaries but also with its beautiful ones Diving areas and Sandy beaches.

So it's no wonder that Bali is regularly listed among the top honeymoon destinations. Book yourself and your partner a dreamlike accommodation by the sea and enjoy life with a delicious Balinese candlelight dinner.

Lombok, Bali's little sister, is also characterized by a colorful underwater world. The most popular diving area is around the three Gili Islands to be found in the northwest. But also with the Secret Gillis in the south or Teluk Nare in the west you can admire exotic fish species or other marine life such as turtles.

In addition, Lombok also offers a breathtaking landscape on land, which is wonderful for hiking. In this context, the 3,726 meter high Rinjani called, the second highest volcano in Indonesia. A volcano trekking tour here is absolutely fascinating, but also not for the untrained lungs or the faint of heart.

Sumba is rightly considered an insider tip among the Indonesian islands. Due to its secluded location, it has so far been spared from mass tourism, but with its beautiful beaches, rainforest and handicrafts does not have to lag behind the other islands.

It also offers a unique wealth of bird species. Visit, for example Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park and experience over 118 plant, 87 bird and 57 butterfly species in their natural habitat.