How is the interview process in Capgemini

Our application process

Before you start your application at Capgemini, you will want to know a lot. How can I apply? What will I be asked at the interview? And how does the application process at Capgemini actually work? Here you can find out what to look out for and receive many practical tips for your application to Capgemini.

Our application process: From the online application to the first welcome

  • Your application is on its way
    At Capgemini you apply online. Use our application form in the respective job advertisement. Please understand that we cannot consider applications sent by post and that original documents will not be returned. Let us know briefly who you are and why you want to start with us. Include your full résumé and references, such as your high school diploma, college diploma and references. Do you have everything together? Then send it to us! This will start your application process. Filling out the application form takes about 5-10 minutes and you will then receive an automatic confirmation of receipt from us by email within 24 hours. We will now sift through your documents and coordinate with the respective department.
  • We get to know you
    If we like your application, we would like to get to know you personally. Sometimes we clarify the first things in a telephone interview. As a rule, however, we save our questions for a personal interview. Depending on which position you have applied for, further interviews may follow.
  • We make you an offer
    Ideally, we will find that you are a perfect match for us. We would be pleased if you see it the same way and will make you an attractive contract offer. Now all that's missing is your signature!
  • We welcome you
    You start your new job at Capgemini. We support you with an onboarding event at your start and ensure that you can make the first important contacts.

As you can see, our application process is simple. And on top of that, he's quick: If everything goes well, it only takes two weeks between your application and the offer of the contract. After the automatic confirmation of receipt, it usually takes less than seven days before you hear from us again. And after your interview, we will also give you feedback within a week. We don't have a lengthy assessment center. We have simply had the best experience of getting to know our applicants in person.

Our tips for applying

We are repeatedly asked what is particularly important to us when applying. In fact, there are "no-go's" for us, things that you should absolutely avoid. This includes, for example, application photos that you show in a private situation, for example on vacation or with your dog. We also notice spelling errors in cover letters and résumé negatively. In addition, you are doing everything right by writing your application in a way that suits you. We want to know what you can and what you want.

We don't need any special creative surprise effects. Ideally, send us your application two to four months before your preferred starting date. However, we are hiring continuously and are flexible with regard to the starting date. By the way: You are also welcome to send an unsolicited application at any time!

The interview: questions and other things worth knowing

Even if it is not that easy in an application situation - relax. We want you to feel comfortable in our conversation and to be able to talk about what is important to you in peace. On our part, two people usually take part in the conversation - the future boss and one of your potential colleagues.

There are no typical questions for an interview with us. After all, it's about you and not about rigid grids. Talk about your special abilities, your goals and wishes. We would also like to know where you can still improve. Don't worry, we're not interested in tapping you for your weaknesses. Rather, it is the mix of interests, strengths and potential that helps us get to know you. This is the best way to imagine your path at Capgemini.

And two more tips for your interview: If you are applying for a particularly international area, we can switch to English during the interview. In addition, we sometimes ask technical questions. The answers will certainly not be difficult for you, because usually it is about your thesis (for graduates) or something that you yourself have mentioned as a reference (for professionals).

And best of all, we want you, nobody else

Perhaps you have already thought about how you would have to be in order to cut a good figure in the interview with questions. And what you would have to do to please us. Our tip: don't think about it any further. Just be yourself. Because that's what we like best. We maintain an exchange on an equal footing, value openness and diversity. If you are competent, like to think outside the box and find the search for solutions exciting, then you've come to the right place.

Your personal brand - create your own brand

Nowadays, digitization offers many opportunities to present yourself in public and on social media. Students and graduates who are planning to start their careers and also professionals who want to reorient themselves professionally have the opportunity to positively differentiate themselves from competitors with a successful self-image.

But how can you create your own personal brand and market it as best as possible in order to get your dream job in the end? Here you will find our tips for your successful self-marketing:

  • Business networks such as LinkedIn and XING offer good opportunities to portray yourself and showcase your skills. Show your personal interests and what challenges you are currently looking for.
  • Maintain your profiles regularly and most importantly, keep them up professionally relevant qualifications up-to-date, so that potential employers can quickly get a good impression of you as a candidate.
  • Take advantage of the Range of social media networks for your professional purposes and actively communicate in relevant Groups or Communities.
  • Leave a Comment, share and to link Share interesting content from others or your own to become more visible and thus increase yours interaction.
  • Consider it: The internet doesn't forget. Before you post a post, think about what impression you will make with it and whether you would like to present yourself in this way on the Internet. Some companies look at the candidates' profiles during the application process - play it safe and do not post anything that could have a negative impact on you as an applicant in the future.

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