Why is Kanye West supporting Donald Trump

people today : Kanye West helps Donald Trump

Kanye West (43) recently announced its intention to run for president in the United States. There was some approval for this, such as from Tesla boss Elon Musk, but many thought the announcement was more of a joke or, at best, a PR stunt by the rapper. Now, however, the challenged Donald Trump (74) has also spoken out. "This is very interesting," said the incumbent US President on Tuesday the political portal RealClearPolitics.com in the Oval Office of the White House. West has a "real voice," said Trump.

As a rival, Trump does not seem to fear the musician. He coolly modifies the alleged challenger: "If he should run for 2020, he should see it as a test run for what will happen in four years (until the next presidential election)." Because West's candidacy this year "would have to be limited to certain US states." stay because in some the deadlines have already expired, ”said Trump in his sober analysis. However, it is also still unclear whether West will actually officially initiate the steps for a candidacy.

Anyway, according to RealClearPolitics.com, the rapper could theoretically attract young voters as an independent candidate, whom the likely Democratic candidate Joe Biden (77) would no longer get. And that in turn could benefit Donald Trump. The US will vote on November 3rd.

Malaika Mihambo (26) also wants to be taken seriously as a political voice. The long jump world champion uses her fame and campaigns for an early awareness of the issue of racism. “Unfortunately, discrimination based on skin color is still relevant today. I think it would be good and appropriate if the topic were given a higher priority in primary school, ”said Germany's“ Sportswoman of the Year ”now to the Bunte magazine.

However, Mihambo is not interested in simply delegating the responsibility for a better, non-resentment coexistence to the state. "Of course, parents and families are also required to give their children orientation," said the athlete from the LG Kurpfalz. It apparently worked out well for Mihambo, her father is from Zanzibar, her mother from Germany.

Markus Mörl (60) had to practice for a long time before he finally succeeded. The pop singer (“I want to have fun”) from the good old days of the New Deutsche Welle has proposed marriage to his girlfriend seven times by his own account. “It was not until the seventh application that my future wife said yes. I was so persistent in doing this. With proposal three, four and five even rings were included. "The man had obviously never hit the right note, as his fiancée Yvonne König (49) explains:" Markus also made rings out of aluminum foil for me. But I could only take his last proposal really seriously. ”The pop singer made it on New Year's Eve 2018/19 at the Brandenburg Gate. And it gets even worse: The two want to get married live on TV (RTLzwei) on Saturday.