Which TV show has the worst intro

The worst series ever

10. Everything Betty

And we are in the top 10. Ugly Betty is based, like the German series Verliebt in Berlin, on the Colombian telenovela “Yo soy Betty, la fea” - literally means “I am the ugly Betty”. The US version made it to 4 seasons before it was canceled in 2010. The Internet audience awards a 5.7 and thus the 10th worst series in this ranking.

9. Ghost Whisperer

Semi-silky afterlife series are apparently not very popular, after Medium now comes Ghost Whisperer in 9. The main role is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who appeared in "I know what you did last summer" in the 90s, communicates with ghosts, to help them and their loved ones. After 5 seasons, CBS stopped wanting and the series was discontinued in 2010.

8. Power Rangers

I would guess that the makers of the Power Rangers are not very surprised about this place and maybe even happy, after all, this series is the mother of the serial trash of the 90s. Stars like Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) were even there, see here. In my memory, every episode boiled down to transforming yourself into the giant robot - why you didn't do this immediately at the beginning of the episode is a mystery to me. The series made 155 episodes in 3 seasons. But be careful, this only refers to the series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers". In fact, the Power Rangers are still running, but each season is sold as a separate series, even if the same pajamas are always worn. The series is currently called "Power Rangers: Megaforce", which is said to have run a total of 746 episodes.
But the intro has something:

7. 90210

We already had the original in 11th place, now the remake from 2008 is coming. After all, the teen school series ran for 5 seasons with 114 episodes. Useless fun fact: Lori Loughlin, plays Debbie in 90210, was also in Full House and thus has the dubious pleasure of having played in two of the worst series.
The series was obviously very unpopular, not even an intro of reasonable quality can be found:

6. Hotel Zack & Cody

Was broadcast in Germany on Super RTL, one might argue whether that meets the attention criterion defined in the introduction. The series is a typical children's or teenage program and is about twins who live in a hotel because their mother is a singer there. Since it is a Disney series and aims at the same target group, there are said to have been various cross-promos with Hannah Montana. Zack and Cody made it to 87 episodes in the years 2004 to 2007, which gave them a 5.4 rating.

5. Melrose Place

The top 5 starts with Melrose Place. Also unknown to me, because I never saw it, is that Melrose Place was a spin-off from Beverly Hills 90210. So already the third series in this ranking from this universe, respect! Linkage was apparently a relationship between Kelly and a certain Jake. Melrose Place was also a commercial success, with a total of 226 episodes produced between 1992 and 1999 - but ended earlier than Beverly Hills 90210.

4. Walker Texas Ranger

Chuck Norris playing one of the worst series of all time? I hope we don't anger him with this, because with him there is only one person on earth who can cut through a knife with butter (yes, ok, there are better Chuck Norris jokes). But back to the Texas Ranger, the series felt like it ran forever and with 202 episodes that's almost true. After the end in 2001 there was even a TV movie in 2005 with the title “Baptism of Fire”, after which the fire was finally extinguished.
This time no intro, but a proof of the irrepressible power of Chuck Norris:

3. Baywatch

Baywatch in 3rd place? The most successful series of the 20th century, exported to 144 countries, watched by up to a billion people a week is supposed to be bad? Perhaps it is due to the never-ending 243 episodes in 12 years (1989 to 2001) and the associated loss of quality - or the series was fundamentally only below average and just an attempt to make easy money with soft porn. Be that as it may, the users voted and will probably not prevent the Malibu lifeguards from celebrating a comeback on the big screen.

2. A heavenly family

The most Christian of all Christian families barely missed first place. An insane 243 episodes in 11 seasons and 11 years, conflicts were nipped in the bud, endless discussions were held and people hugged each other. I admit that I turned it on every now and then, but could hardly stand this absolutely perfect world, in which, strangely enough, even the toddlers already had boyfriends and girlfriends. Funfact: Jessica Biel was one of the daughters of the pastor family and was written out for a few seasons after topless pictures in 2000, which absolutely did not fit into the ideal series family world, by being sent to grandfather for her rebellious behavior.

1. Hannah Montana

Drum roll! Hannah Montana made it to first place by a large margin. Only a 3.7 rating and thus a whole point less than the second place mentioned above. STOP, no, this has nothing to do with the VMAs. The rank of the series has not changed due to the VMAs NEXT: The content of the series is reminiscent of every second superhero setting, during the day Miley is a completely normal girl, but at night she transforms into the star Hannah Montana through a wig - and of course nobody notices. The series ran for a full 5 years, from 2006 to 2011. Incidentally, Miley is played by Miley Cyrus, a clever coup to use the same name, because the lines between series and reality are deliberately blurred for the young audience Marketing year olds even better. In the meantime, the lady has probably become too colorful with this teenage image, which is why she can be photographed half-naked and with shaved hair. We shouldn't care, we should be happy that Hannah Montana is a worthy bearer of the title of Worst Show Ever.

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