Are all plastic water bottles recyclable

Myths about PET bottles and their disposal

Römerquelle shows that recycling can be successful - since April all Römerquelle PET bottles have been made from recycled PET. The prerequisite for this is the correct collection of used bottles. We have listed and cleared up common myths about the use and disposal of PET bottles for you. Conclusion: waste separation pays off!

It doesn't matter where you throw something, in the end everything is thrown back together and burned anyway.

Not correct! Waste separation makes sense: every packaging is given a possible recycling purpose. Rubbish is not just rubbish, but mostly a valuable raw material for the production of new materials. Waste paper becomes paper, glass bottles become new bottles, metals are processed into many new products and, of course, used PET bottles are used to produce raw materials for new PET bottles. You can see how the PET cycle works here. Parts of the recycled PET bottles that are no longer suitable for the production of food packaging due to their low quality are used in the fiber industry, for example, and are therefore not lost. To be burned, e.g .: b. in district heating plants, actually only residues and plastics that can no longer be recycled because they are too dirty, too small or not properly disposed of, i.e. in the yellow bin or the yellow sack.