What are locomotive sheds in railways

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The local transport museum near Hamburg
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Our opening times:

Sundays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission is free except on special event days. Please note our donation box, because the non-profit and voluntary museum also needs money to survive and develop.
Our Sunday offer:
Usually an employee is available for you who offers trips with the lever trolley - an unforgettable driving experience and sporting activity in one - and publications and is happy to answer your questions. Often it is also possible to take short journeys with a hand-pushed field railroad car, a special experience for children, on some days field railroad trains also run. These offers depend on the available volunteer staff and cannot be guaranteed. Our respective exhibition on traffic history is also open and changing videos are running. Of course you can look at all vehicles and also view some of the inside.
Action days
These take place 4 times a year with an extended offer compared to normal Sundays: second-hand bookstore and publication sales, train traffic on the field railway, demonstrations in the training signal box, with the model tram you can operate yourself as the driver using the original drive switch and TV image from the driver's cab. The cozy buffet trolley invites you to take small meals and drinks. For only € 3 (children € 1) entry price, you can also get a historic ticket. You can find the dates atEvents.
Special events
Outside of winter there are special events on changing topics every month, mostly free of charge, but we kindly ask you to pay attention to our donation box. You can also find these dates at Events.
Group service
We are happy to offer groups of almost any size a program outside of our Sunday opening hours: guided tours, trolley and field train rides or our cozy buffet car for your private celebration. Whether it's a birthday or a company outing, let us advise you on Tel. 04104 - 963 9208 or send us an email.
Weekday opening
We often work on Saturdays and sometimes during the week in the museum, even then access to the museum premises is normally possible and you can watch at work or - if you like - join in. But please understand that the focus is then on work and that we can hardly look after visitors at these times. We cannot name binding opening times, because these often arise at short notice and there are several days on which it is not possible to open. Please use our regular opening times on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. if possible.

Bf. Aumühle and museum grounds from the east in May 2005. Photo: © C. Hasselmeier.

... and from the west on March 11, 2006. Photo: © W. Greiffenberger

Light railroad and draisine are mostly surrounded on event days and have to start on frequent trips. Photo: © W. Greiffenberger.

Not only vehicles, but also buildings have to be maintained in voluntary work: after the purchase of the museum premises, urgent renovation work on the roof of the "railway master's booth" was inevitable in the summer of 2004. Photo: © W. Greiffenberger.

Our special events also include the almost "traditional" visit of the Sachsenwald Sound Orchestra in September: Great sound and great acoustics in the locomotive shed always attract a large number of visitors, and that for free! Photo: © W. Greiffenberger.