Is the FBI ethical

This is how the FBI investigates

The fact that women can make outstanding careers at the FBI has not only been known since "The Silence of the Lambs". In her bestseller "Die Agentin" from 1980, profiler Candice DeLong reports on the bone-hard training, the first women in a conspiratorial world of men, from dry everyday life to dramatic investigations against time, from the confrontation with madness in criminal form - and the adrenaline rush in Face of danger!

The FBI has its own school to train its employees. The FBI Academy is located on the property of a United States Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. The prospective agent spends the entire 16 weeks of his training at the academy, which means an additional burden for most of them.

A good third of the training consists of studying areas such as law, ethics and national security. At the beginning, however, there is a detailed fitness test for everyone, which consists of sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups and an endurance run. Anyone who cannot achieve a given level will be taken out of service here. A surprisingly high number of applicants remains below the required minimum every time. However, this does not necessarily mean the end of a career that has not even started. The retired people get a few months to get in shape at home and can then take the fitness test again.

At the very beginning of the training there is also a confrontation with death, that is, either killing a person or even killing yourself. The trainees are given the opportunity to break off their training if this does not correspond to their ideas of the profession of special agent. Later, the so-called "Deadly Force Policy", that is, the right to kill a person, of the FBI will be dealt with more intensively, because a decision often has to be made in seconds in the later job.

For those who continue anyway, the actual training begins now. This largely consists of gun training, the trainees spend a total of 112 hours on the shooting range. They learn how to use an automatic handgun, but also a shotgun and a machine gun. In the target practice, applicants are expected to have a hit rate of 80 percent, otherwise this discipline is deemed to have been failed. Those who fail in several areas are asked to leave the class and then start the training from the beginning, which the instructors call "recycling".

So that the training is not just dry theory for the so-called trainees, they immediately learn to put the practices from the theoretical lessons into practice. This is done through the "Integrated Case". This is a fictitious case that is tailored to the training and leads the trainees from one area to the next. This case is being researched by the trainees in "Hogans Alley", a backdrop city on the academy site, with academy employees acting as residents of the city. The trainees are under constant observation by psychologists and trainers, who analyze their behavior via video.

Part of the training that will later be of vital importance for the future agents is learning the arrest techniques, whereby the trainees must also learn to overcome their fear. To do this, pepper spray is sprayed in their eyes and they still have to arrest someone according to the regulations. Other parts of the training include the areas of ethics, as a basis for action or, for example, training in the "Tactical Emergency Vehicle Operation Center" (TEVOC), in which the trainees should learn how to use a company car correctly in car chases. For the trainees who have successfully passed all training stations, work as a special agent of the FBI now begins.