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What are these large plexiglass pieces?

I found these large, heavy pieces of Plexiglas cleaning the shed on the lot of a house I had just bought. I have no idea what they are or what they are used for. They are about the size of a kitchen table and if there weren't 6 of them I would have guessed it was an old table top. As you can see in the pictures they are very dirty, but from what I know about plexiglass, parts of this size aren't cheap.

The 6th piece is on the right side of the other 5. It appears to be of higher quality, you can see in the pictures that it is clearer. It's harder too. It also has a crease on the edges that you can see in the pictures. At first I thought it was real glass based on its weight and hardness.

Any idea what these are and what they are used for?

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It is almost impossible to know what it was originally intended for. Maybe they were "windows" in a set for an old piece, then removed and saved after the set was torn down.

I suspect the person was then freed from such an application and then hidden in case it ever found a new use. That you still found them hidden says they never had a use, and neither will you. However, I bet you can sell them on Craigslist or eBay. Or take them to your local auction house where all kinds of things like this are sold.

Brock Adams

I doubt they were meant to be chair mats. This old plexiglass wouldn't be a good plexiglass as it tends to break and scratch and stain too quickly with normal use (polycarb wasn't around then). There were also better and cheaper alternatives.

The edge groove in this one sheet indicates an attempt at edge mounting bevel. The fact that there were several suggests replacement or repeated use.

I would guess these were for windows with a "60s look" - after looking similar once.