What does software development look like 1

Development of custom software

Development of individual software solutions for all areas of application. We specialize in Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server solutions.

How much does it cost to have software developed?

Depending on the size of the project and the effort for our programmers, we will agree on a transparent framework contract for your software project. For some projects, an hourly rate makes sense, whereby we charge an hourly rate of € 110 (net). For most development projects, however, a project-based overall calculation is more appropriate. We break down our services for you so that you know exactly which measures have resulted in which cost centers.
Of course, you will receive a cost estimate in advance of the development of your individual software.


Have software developed or buy?

AM Solutions primarily takes care of the development of individual software for your company. We would be happy to advise you on our IT support but also in advance of purchasing new software. We support you reliably and independently of the manufacturer, so that you receive the perfect software for your company and the current IT infrastructure.


What are your advantages in custom software development?

Having software developed has many advantages over standard software. On the one hand you can systematically record and optimize your internal company processes, on the other hand you save time and money by developing individual software. After the first investment, which is necessary for the programming of the individual software, the advantages become apparent in a very short time.

The software that you let us develop is always ideally adapted to you and your wishes. Therefore, you can have a say in the development of your individual software and help shape all elements. This gives you individual software that is designed for long-term use. Even if you have later change requests, that's no problem for us. We react to the changing requirements that you are confronted with and, if you wish, we can also create updates for you and your individual software.


What does the software development process look like?

If you let us develop your software, we will work closely with you. In the run-up to the development of your individual software, we jointly advise which functions and measures are useful and which are not. Our programmers then work out a first draft, the so-called alpha version. We present our measures to you and evaluate the result together with you. New ideas and minor mistakes are not uncommon here. These ideas and the necessary improvements are then implemented by us and then implemented in the software. The fully developed individual software is now checked further and if no further measures need to be taken, it finally only has to be permanently maintained.