What dance audition is going to India

The Bollywood Casting- your dance dream in Mumbai!

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Bollywood - the most productive film industry in the world - with around 900 films produced per year, even depends on American Hollywood. Bollywood is also a cult among thousands of fans in Germany. The dances are erotic and yet innocent, the expression rousing and yet distant.

The fight for a place as a dancer and actor in the coveted films is tough, the chances of finding a role alongside the Indian professionals: rather slim.

But for ONE German, the dream comes true: Bollywood star in India!

At the Bollywood Academy in Rosenheim / Munich for the first time

"The Bollywood Dance Newcomer 2012" wanted, who will get a chance in the tough Bollywood industry in India.

The main prize: a contract with the Academy and a dance role in one of the largest film productions in Bollywood's most famous film metropolis: in Mumbai.

The casting is scheduled for 2 days. RTL is there and will interview the pre-selected actors in addition to the tasks they have to deal with and accompany them through the casting.

The great adventure awaits the best: Mumbai, the Indian metropolis of millions. Foreign country, foreign customs, tough film business. Only the winner of the casting flies to India. RTL is there again and accompanies the winner in her role in the Bollywood film in Mumbai.


Age: 15-25 years

Experience in common dance styles (professional dance training not mandatory)

At best experience in Bollywood dance styles (or weekend crash course - see www.bollywood-academy.de)

Acting experience


Application deadline: May 15, 2012

Venue: Munich (you will receive details after the preselection)

Casting date: 07/08 June 2012 (presence on both days compulsory)


Please send us your detailed application

Your ambitions for Bollywood, portrait, full body photo, short vita, showreel if available

to the email address [email protected]

We will invite the 20 best of all applicants.


Good luck!


Your Bollywood Academy

Lamira Faro - Director