What are the best inspirational biographical films

10 inspiring films that could change your life.

In the evening lolling around a bit on the couch ... especially now after the great summer heat you can be inside with a clear conscience.

And what would be better than creating the next film evening on the weekend with new, perhaps life-changing, input? Because there are definitely inspiring films that trigger processes of change or can set off entire movements.

... or as Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings” would say:

We have to decide what to do with the time that is given to us.

But it doesn't always have to be a self-help guide to change the way you think. You can also get valuable impulses and answers to in-depth questions from films.

There is no binge watching fast food here, but rather inspiring films that make you think and that you might not soon forget. Happy watching!

1 | The best comes last

The mother of all inspiring films 🙂

Two men who probably never met; let alone talked to one another received the same devastating diagnosis: terminal cancer.

They couldn't be more different in terms of their personality, their values, their origins and skin color. Nevertheless, they become friends and decide to use the remaining time to experience the things that are really important to them together.

They make a list of the heart issues that they still want to tick off before they hand in the spoon - a "spoon list".

But despite the sad theme, this is such a life-affirming and easy film that more tears of joy come to you than of sadness.

The film encourages you to focus again on your innermost desires and needs.

Life is finite, so what is important to you? What do you still want to experience? Who do you want to spend your time with?

Do you already know your answers to these questions?

If you really haven't seen it yet, you can watch the trailer here.

2 | The movie of your life

What is the meaning of life ... and can a film even fathom that?

“The film of your life” is not a film in the true sense of the word, but rather a story that tells the effect and above all the opportunities of the essential laws of life and especially the law of resonance very vividly.

The statement may remind you of the book “The Café on the Edge of the World” and is at least as inspiring and eye-opening.
Each of us has the chance to influence our own life. We are not silent observers on the sidelines or even victims of the circumstances. We can actively shape things, change something and, if necessary, start over.

This film is a wonderful plea for a conscious life in all its facets. If you doubt yourself or feel stuck, check it out. Preferably several times. 🙂

The complete film is also available here for free on Youtube.

By the way, there is also a second part, “The love of your life”, which deals with the subject of self-love.

3 | Everything is upside down

What is actually going on in our head? The Pixar film “Everything is upside down” gives faces to our emotions and shows in a funny way why we feel how we feel.

11-year-old Riley has just moved with her parents. From the country to a big city - and the girl is anything but enthusiastic.

She experiences a real emotional chaos and that means hard work for the 5 main emotions in her head: joy, sorrow, fear, anger and disgust. You have your hands full helping Riley regain happiness and turning her upside-down life back in the right direction ...

You could think it was a children's film. But that is deceptive. There are many small and large wisdoms in here that also make adults think.

The film not only asks smart questions, it also answers them and explains how our experiences and memories influence our actions and thinking.

How do we deal with feelings - and how do our emotions deal with us? Not only a wonderful family film, but also a film with depth, from which one can draw impulses for a new way of dealing with one's own feelings.

Could be something for you

What we think and feel affects our body more than we think.

Memories, fears and feelings that are not felt need an outlet. If this is not the case, they are stored in the body. Over time, this can result in different symptoms.

How do emotional patterns arise that we keep repeating and from which we cannot easily free ourselves again? And how can the feelings eventually turn into physical pain and illness?

The documentary e-motion lets different experts have their say and builds on the latest findings.

It clearly shows the connections between the emotional and physical levels and explains why letting go is the key.

So it's no wonder that it shouldn't be missing from this list 😉

Not an easy meal in between, but a very recommendable film for you if you are interested in the emotional causes of physical symptoms.

But also if you want to better understand yourself, your stress-related symptoms or your emotional eating behavior.

Would you like a small preview?

Time stands still in Howard Inlet's life. Since his little daughter passed away 2 years ago, he has been in a deep crisis and has completely withdrawn.

He writes 3 letters - not to people, but to one to LOVE, one to DEATH and one to TIME. Three central things in everyone's life.

This gives his worried work colleagues a bizarre idea: They hire three actors to really bring love, death and time into Howard's life and give him real answers in the hope of bringing him out of his grief and back to life. ..

This film is tragic and touching at the same time. He shows in an empathetic way that even in the most difficult moments you can find a hidden beauty - if you allow your feelings and take a closer look.

We are here to connect: love, time, death. These three things connect all human beings on earth. We long for love, we wish we had more time and we fear death.

Hidden beauty

6 | The hut - a weekend with God

A world collapses for Mack and his family when his youngest daughter falls victim to a crime while on a camping trip. The whole family is in danger of breaking up and years later the grief keeps everyone captive.

Mack's anger is primarily directed against God. How could he allow an innocent child to die?

Of all things, this “God” sends Mack a message one day: He should come back to the place of the tragedy ... The young father accepts the invitation and embarks on a journey that challenges him both emotionally and physically.

“The hut” is a search for forgiveness. Mack encounters all sorts of obstacles, new insights and new people on his way to the hut. His thoughts and feelings constantly revolve around the questions: How can you forgive things that are unforgivable? How can God allow so much suffering in the world?

If you liked “Hidden Beauty”, you should definitely check out “The Hut”. Thematically similar, but “Die Hütte” goes one step further. What if it's not just about grief and pain, but also about forgiveness of the unforgivable? How can you let go and find healing?

Belief in a higher power and God are central issues here. However, the portrayal in the film has little to do with classical religious designs. That is precisely why it encourages you to rethink your own ideas.
With an Amazon Prime subscription you can currently watch the film for free.

The film Kundun is a bit out of line: It is less about life-changing events than about the history of Tibet and the Dalai Lama.

The farmer boy Tenzin Gyatso is recognized as the 14th reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. From an early age he is accompanied on his way from simple country child to head and learned mastermind of an entire nation.

I found it particularly interesting how it was proven that the little boy is actually the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. He was subjected to various tests, all of which he passed.

The conflict between Tibet and China and the later life of the Dalai Lama in exile are presented in an unvarnished manner. Despite its age, an impressive and thrilling film!

Kundun is a film for everyone who is interested in Buddhism and the political history of Tibet or who loves exciting biographies with visually impressive recordings. By the way, it was directed by Martin Scorcese.

You can rent the film from Amazon for a few euros.

8 | The 5 people you will meet in heaven

Do you know those descriptions that when you die, your whole life will pass you by again? This inspirational film shows just that.

“Every life affects the next” - Eddie has to go to heaven to see that. He reflects on his life, which was shaped by happiness, love, but also dissatisfaction and suffering, and relives formative moments. To learn from it.

This is about the question of what is important in life. How does your own life affect others and the world? It's about understanding and forgiving.

And it's about karma. How does what you do, say and think affect yourself and those around you?

In conversation with 5 people who played a decisive role in Eddie's life, he retrospectively recognizes how he influenced their lives and what deeper meaning was behind it.

“The 5 people you meet in heaven” is a touching film for everyone who is wondering what the meaning of their life is and whether they will recognize it one day.

You can watch the trailer on Amazon or rent the film directly.

“That can't be all” - that is exactly what April and Frank Wheeler are asking each other more and more often. While Frank is bored with his office job, April is fed up with being constantly reduced to “housewife and mother”.

Instead of marital happiness, they both feel frustrated and empty. Fulfillment should look different. They are caught up in their own fears and life lies. Despite a few attempts to escape, in the end they always remain trapped in the suburban bourgeoisie, which they themselves hate. The drama comes to a head and comes to a really tragic end.

Despite or perhaps because of the tragedy and gloom of the film, it inspires you to deal with your own life.

Am I satisfied with a boring job or is there something else in me that still wants to be lived?

How much security do I need and how much of my longings am I willing to sacrifice to it?

Which decisions lead me away from my life dreams? Have they already faded or can I move towards them again?

You need a backbone to live the way you want.

Times of turmoil

A film that still has an impact days later. For anyone brave enough to wonder if they are on the right track.

(... and for everyone who thinks that there can never be enough films with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio ;-))

“Times of turmoil” can currently be seen free of charge on Amazon Prime and maxdome.

When it comes to inspiring films, this Body Positivity Movie is a must: Taryn Brumfitt has turned the world of before and after photos upside down.

Instead of continuing to lose weight, she gained weight, posted a photo of it and started a global body image discussion.

In this documentary she shows how she changed her mind. She takes you on her journey to peace with her body and shows why it is more important to her to accept herself than to conform to the current ideal of beauty.

Because Taryn had the supposedly perfect body and was still not happy.

A wonderful film for everyone who doesn't really feel good in their body. Not tall, not thin, not fit enough.

He encourages you to accept yourself and learn to love yourself for who you are.

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