Two interchangeable engagement rings are too much

Bling, bling! Engagement rings to fall in love with

The perfect engagement ring is part of the perfect proposal. Old-fashioned? Yes! But somehow nice too. That is why we have the most beautiful engagement ring trends and all kinds of tips and ideas for the ultimate ring.

Are you dreaming of the perfect engagement ring? Whether classic or unusual, we show the 6 most beautiful Engagement ring trends. In addition, we show the most beautiful models and reveal tips on how to find the perfect engagement ring.

These are the most important engagement ring trends:


1 should everyone see your happiness? Then we recommend the opposite of a simple engagement ring: a multi-layered, maybe even multi-colored clunker. This engagement ring trend looks like several rings have been placed on top of each other.

Black Beauty

2 It can be a little bit dramatic! Instead of typical white diamonds, black stones are becoming more and more popular. A noticeable but cool trend!

Nicely colored

3 A green diamond, a rose-colored setting and a band of white gold. Multi-colored rings and a mix of materials are more popular than ever. Does your beloved enjoy colorful things? Then this engagement ring trend, combining different metals, is perfect.

The more the better

4 A beautiful diamond is not enough for you? Then you can now choose an engagement ring with several stones.

Transverse stay

5 The diamond does not always have to be vertical. If you are looking for an engagement ring that is unique in its shape, we have found it for you: Horizontal stones are very trendy

Classically chic

6 Whether in white, yellow or rose gold - the classics are still right at the top of the engagement ring trends. Because many women do not want a large, eye-catching diamond, but rather a simple engagement ring that will please you forever.

Engagement ring trends: multi-layered

Image: Instagram / tiffanyandco

How to find the perfect engagement ring

It is certainly not easy to choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner, although you may already know each other inside out. Assuming that he makes the proposal, the ladies can help their masters a little by following the tips below. That way, you will be surprised even more positively when you apply.

  • It would be best if she made no secret of her ring size. It also helps the partner if she leaves a few rings lying around at home - so he can secretly borrow one and have it measured by the jeweler.
  • She knows which rings she likes, then she casually lets the future woman know about them so that he meets her taste.
  • Do you both want a unique ring with a personal engraving? This topic can also be discussed before buying a ring or said through the flower at a good moment.
  • Avoid embarrassing situations when applying and find out beforehand which finger the engagement ring will be worn on. On the ring finger of the right hand.

Cost and design of the ring

Fortunately, the price of the ring does not indicate the durability of love and the course of the marriage. The cost of high quality engagement rings is often justified by the fact that they are actually an investment for life.

Becausetheperfect engagement ringis often worn even after the marriage. Therefore, high-quality materials such as white gold, gold or platinum are of course very popular. There are no upper price limits and a glance at certain jewelry boxes makes hearts beat faster on command. The well-known jeweler Tiffany, for example, has played a major role in the diamond-studded engagement ring scene for decades, and not just in terms of price.

The perfect engagement ring - just make it yourself!

Looking for thatperfect engagement ring individuality plays a major role. After all, the ring should not be interchangeable. Those who would like to bring in their own creativity can do so, among other things, with an original and personal engraving. It doesn't always have to be the engagement day or your name - be creative!

For those who don't want to leave anything to chance and lend a hand, goldsmiths in many places offer the opportunity to forge rings themselves under supervision. Of course, you can also create your own designs. You can usually choose freely the design, material and stones, so that theperfect engagement ring in the end is really an expression of your unique love.

Do some brilliant business on the diamond exchange once in a lifetime

A less elaborate, but very nice idea is to choose the high-quality stone yourself. Even laypeople have the opportunity to buy a specific stone via online diamond exchanges.

Whether you order the stone with or without a ring setting or what it should look like is up to you. However, there is also the option of buying a stone online and ordering a matching setting of your choice. You will then receive the already forged perfect engagement ring and only have to hand it over in style.

The quality of the stone is also a question of personal attitude. Engagement rings cost a lot less if the glittering piece of jewelry is not flawless.

Images: Unsplash

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