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World Cup 2014: Germany in the World Cup final : How Brazil fell out of football heaven

The torcedores with the big bucks were the first to go. The yellow-clad Brazilians on the expensive seats in the main stand of the Estadio Mineirao. The game was less than half an hour old and already had four goals, but they were very one-sided and not necessarily well distributed for Brazil. Desperate silence fell over Belo Horizonte, interrupted only by 5000 German party-goers, they shouted "Rio, we are coming!" And "You are just a carnival club!" In joyful anticipation of the finale.

TV cameras blended into the Brazilian silence and showed pictures of desperate children and stunned women whose tears blurred their blue and yellow make-up. David Luiz, the blond defense attorney with the high voltage hairstyle, howled his eyes red. Belo Horizonte experienced a historic hour in world football, but very few of those present will proudly tell their grandchildren about it later.

Seven German goals against a Brazilian one, and that came shortly before the end. Not in a carnival game, but in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Brazil whistled for Brazil, as loud and intense as usually only against Argentina, but what was normal that day?

By Tuesday, the maracanaço was the low point in Brazilian history (and not just football history). That 1: 2 defeat in the final game of the 1950 World Cup against Uruguay, it wrested the World Cup title from Brazil, which was already believed to be safe. Rio de Janeiro and its stadium are now rid of this flaw. What should come after this Mineiraço, as you will probably call the debacle in the future?

Biggest defeat of all time

Brazil's biggest defeat was previously in 1920, a 6-0 defeat at the South American Championship against Uruguay, and the biggest home defeat was a 5-1 defeat in 1939 in Rio against Argentina. At that time, Brazil was still an emerging football country. That's how they must have felt yesterday, Senhores Hulk and Fred and Oscar and Maicon. None of these tragic figures will ever be able to erase this flaw from their vita.

The deeply religious Brazilians will consider it a divine providence that Neymar was spared the humiliation. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is the only Brazilian in this Brazilian team in terms of football technology.

The audience had previously tried in vain to inspire their team with the spirit of the artist suffering from a fractured vertebra. Neymar was sitting next to the stands next to Neymar and in the corner in front of Neymar, and when he looked up he saw Neymar and below him Neymar. The crooked mouth smiled everywhere under the daring madwoman. But in their effect the thousands of Neymar masks only stood for the helplessness of the nation, for its dependence on a soloist, without whom everything collapses and is doomed.

Without Neymar, Brazil won't have anything Brazilian anymore

It was a particularly terrible evening for Neymar's representative Bernard Anício Caldeira Duarte, or Bernard for short. He grew up in Belo Horizonte and played here at Atletico Mineiro, side by side with Ronaldinho, he once said of Neymar: "It's great to see the moment when a star is born."

No new star was born in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday. Bernard will have to be careful not to suffer too much damage so that his international career is over. He didn't do that badly, had the ball more often and was one of the better Brazilians, but what did that mean. Without Neymar, Brazil won't have anything Brazilian anymore. The structural problems in the Brazilian game are too serious. Neymar was able to conceal them with his magic tricks at times, but not eliminate them.

Fred as a bogeyman

In the forward movement, the Seleçao brasileira is an average team with technically good, but without any esprit tinkering players like Oscar, Hulk and even Bernard. On the defensive, it is not even enough to average without the suspended captain Thiago. The spectators whistled against their team and especially against the striker Fred, although he also comes from near Belo Horizonte. But with his awkward movements, stumbling blocks and unsuccessful dribbles, he stands on the football field for Brazil, with which the Brazilians want nothing to do. The horror came to an undeserved early end for Fred. He was allowed out twenty minutes before the end, just in time to avoid witnessing the seventh German goal as an eyewitness on the pitch.

In the end, the Germans hardly dared to cheer. The most discreetly celebrated entry into the final in World Cup history was meant as a respectful gesture and only made the Brazilians a little smaller. On days like these, comfort comes as humiliation.

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