How can a teenager do homeschool by themselves

Support and relief for parents and children

In the current era of homeschooling - and of course beyond - the PTE employees can support parents and children in learning. And not only if there are problems with reading, writing and arithmetic, i.e. if there is a learning disability, but also if there are problems with the learning structure and the learning organization.

Work and take on the role of teachers on the side

Many parents reach their limits through homeschooling. Often, in addition to professional life, the task of the teacher has to be taken on: school assignments have to be checked, new learning content explained or worked out together with the child. That costs time and nerves. You have to be patient and focused with the child. As a parent, you often have to “teach yourself” the school material again first - especially in secondary school. A further complicating factor is that the new learning content can often not be conveyed “just like that”, but should be explained as the curriculum prescribes and the corresponding textbook organizes it.

What if the child has problems with learning and learning organization?

With a child who already has few problems at school, this is a rather minor issue. But what if school has always been difficult for the child? When elementary school children have problems learning and understanding the basics? Or if you suddenly notice that an older child lacks important basic skills, for example in arithmetic, but which are important as a foundation for further, upcoming learning? Or the child just can't sit still and concentrate? What if the teenager in secondary school understands everything, but is simply unable to organize and structure his day and independent learning and thus hardly or not at all manage to work on all the tasks?

Help from teachers is often not enough

In this homeschooling situation, which has now lasted for almost eight weeks, parents and children are often nervous. Nobody knows when school will take place again for all students to the usual extent and extent and how long parents will have to bridge the gap at home.

Many teachers and schools try to support parents as much as possible with the help of the respective learning program, by telephone or by email. But they too reach their limits - on the one hand in terms of time and on the other hand because some things are simply not as easy to explain via the media as in normal lessons, in which you sit next to each other.

The PTE supports in the usual high quality

In order to support parents and children outside of school, the Pedagogical Therapeutic Facility (PTE) can provide important assistance right now and of course beyond: The PTE has rooms, staff capacities and the necessary qualifications! Both with learning therapy (if there are specific learning difficulties in reading, writing and / or arithmetic or attention problems) as well as with learning coaching (for problems with the learning structure, work organization and / or motivation), we can provide concrete support to children and young people.

In many federal states, the PTE is officially allowed to reopen its rooms for on-site therapy. This means that the children can come back to the PTE facilities in compliance with the prescribed hygiene regulations and work together with the therapist on a structured solution to their problem.

The usual PTE procedures are of course also adhered to during these times: individual, free consultation, testing / diagnostics, individual support plan for each child and individual lessons.

Regular discussions with parents and, if desired, discussions with teachers continue to take place - only by telephone or video conference. Parents are not only kept up to date on the progress of their child, but at the same time the therapists also give valuable tips for learning at home.

In this way, the PTE therapists can support the children individually and in a targeted manner and at the same time relieve parents and relieve them of some of their responsibility. So that families can get through the period of homeschooling, which may still last for some time, well and, above all, without major school problems.