Where is PPC cement used

Pros & Cons of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) via Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

There are many types of cement on the market for every need. Both ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and Portland Pozzolana cement (PPC) are used in constructions. However, some advantages and disadvantages of OPC over PPC are listed below.

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Pros of OPC over PPC:

01 Initial setup time of OPC is faster than PPC, so it is recommended in projects where props should be removed early.

02. It's easy to use compared to PPC.

03. Its initial strength higher than PPC.

04 The curing period of OPC is shorter than PPC and the curing costs are reduced. Hence recommended where curing costs are prohibitive.

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Disadvantages of OPC over PPC:

01 It cannot be used for bulk concrete as it has a high heat of hydration compared to PPC.

02. Higher grades such as 53 are not recommended to be used for plaster as it is known to develop shrinkage cracks because of its high strength.

03. There are only a few known manufacturers of 33 degree cement.

04 The durability of concrete made with OPC is less than that of concrete made with PPC.

05 Its resistance to harsh chemicals is lower than PPC.

06. When manufacturing OPC, it emits CO2, which is harmful to the environment.

07. It produces comparatively less cohesive concrete than PPC, so pumping concrete becomes a little difficult.

08. OPC has a lower fineness and therefore has a higher permeability and therefore has a lower shelf life.

09. The concrete made of OPC cement is poorly machinable compared to the concrete made with PPC. Hence, premixes are added to make concrete workable that affect the total cost of construction.

10 OPC is cheaper than PPC.

More limestone is used in the manufacture of cement and in a few decades there will be a great shortage of limestone. PPC is made using a fly ash and it is a waste by-product from coal power plants and solves the huge disposal problem and also uses the waste product. Therefore, by partially replacing OPC with fly ash, limestone can be stored in PPC. Therefore it is recommended to use Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) instead of ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

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