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Iran complains: USA too hesitant in Iraq

The Iraqi government under Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has to accept further territorial losses in the fight with the Sunni terrorist army Isis. It is also lamented that thousands of soldiers have deserted. Fresh troops are to be concentrated in front of Baghdad in particular to strike back against the extremists. In many cities, especially in the Shiite south of the country, many volunteers continue to take up arms (article picture). In neighboring Iran, concerns about the fate of Shiite fellow believers are growing.

The Iranian government reacted critically to the current Iraq strategy of US President Barack Obama. "Obama's statements show that the US is not determined enough in the fight against terrorism in Iraq," said Deputy Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian, according to state media.

For Iraq a diplomatic solution should first and foremost be found. For this, the government and the national and religious unity of the country would have to be strengthened. Obama's deliberations would only lead to more sectarian tensions, according to the deputy minister. Iran supports the Shiite government in Baghdad in the fight against the Sunni Isis Islamists.

The US does not rule out new military strikes in the country two and a half years after the end of the war in Iraq. Obama announced on Thursday that he was ready to take targeted and precise military steps to stop the Isis advance in Iraq. He refuses to deploy ground troops, initially sending military advisers.

According to security sources, fighters from the radical Islamic Isis occupied an important border post with Syria. First, the Sunni militias had moved into the city of al-Kaim and chased the security forces there, it was said in the circles on Saturday. When the border troops found out about the fall of the city, they fled and Isis fighters took over their positions.

With the capture of the border post, the extremist group can now freely move weapons between the parts of Iraq and Syria that it controls. Only the day before, according to the Syrian opposition, the Isis had captured three strategically important Syrian cities in the border area.

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