Does the guilt ever go away?

Can i ever forgive Dealing with guilt

She was 14 years old. A happy teenager, the family a cheerful trio. But from one day to the next everything was different. Selina dies of a deadly drug mix. Brought by her friend, who was allowed to stay with her for the first time. Many details have not yet been clarified. In addition to pain and grief, two questions run through the life of the Lütdkes: Can they forgive Selina's friend? And: can you forgive yourself for letting him stay the night?

After a hard stroke of fate, guilt and forgiveness are crucial issues when it comes to how one can accept life again and give it a new direction.

Claudia Fromme from Haltern am See has also dealt with guilt and forgiveness time and again over the past twelve years. On the way to a skiing holiday, she caused a car accident in Austria. Her husband Michael and their 13-year-old daughter Annika died. She and her son Felix survived. It took Claudia Fromme a long time to forgive herself. She kept asking herself: what could I have done differently? Why did I even take the wheel? She went to mourning groups and found great support in a newly discovered spirituality. The now 50-year-old turned her life inside out and trained as a yoga teacher. It was there that she met her new partner, Holger. “I've forgiven myself. I had to forgive myself because I knew I wanted to be happy again despite everything. Also for my son's sake. "

Editor: Christiane Mausbach

Author: Julia Zinke