How do I cure pink eyes

How to Heal a Pigsty

Remember for Perform good eyelid hygieneyou can apply a little champĂș with a cotton ball or washcloth to remove makeup. After flushing your eyes, rinse them with plenty of lukewarm water and dry the eyelids with a towel or handkerchief that you will only use for this purpose.

Use of towels

Ophthalmologists recommend that Use of special wet wipes for eyelid cleaning.

These towels are similar to those used to clean babies, but they are specially made for eyelid cleaning

The advantage of using these wipes is that they are a product specially made for the eyes, ensure the correct cleaning of the eyelids and are available at any pharmacy.

Contact lenses versus glasses

Often the pigsty is due to inadequate contact lens hygiene. If you have a pigsty it is advisable that Avoid wearing your lenses until the injury has healed.

During the days the sty lastswear your glassesAvoid using contact lenses and make sure you clean the lenses properly or change them if necessary.

Make up

one of The worst thing we can do to a pigsty is put a layer of makeup on it.

We know styes are very unsightly, but try disguise the injury With Eye concealer, base O powder can make the infection worse and delay recovery

Warm water compressed

Heat therapy is used to stimulate blood flow to the sebum glands and Gradually drain the pigsty.

To cure a pigsty, it is recommended to apply compresses or towels with warm water three times a day for 15 minutes. When placing the compress on the sty, massage the lesion gently to further activate drainage and blood flow.


Many people recommend using chamomile and other infusions to cure a sty, but the truth is that Washing eyes with chamomile is a serious mistake.

La Manzanilla it is not a sterile product and tampoco is for ophthalmic use, therefore Its analgesic or antibiotic properties are close to zero when used to remove a pig pen.

Pain relievers to relieve discomfort

The pigsty usually causes constant, sharp eye pain, which is relieved by pain medication, eye drops, or special eye drops.

However, it is important to emphasize that the Use of drugs to treat stye should be compulsory prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Self-medication is not an option.