What is healing effect

Touch with healing effect - Tellington-TTouch

Images: Sarah Kuhni, Kosmos


TTouch works with almost all animals

- also with house cats. The special one

Body work improves well-being,

promotes trust between

Humans and animals and has a positive influence


Chimpanzees, tigers and raccoons are there

Wellness for the cat. At least that

named after them contacten the

Tellington-TTouch-Method. This technique

can be used on velvet paws after a short period of use

Reduce stress and anxiety.

The TTouchit creates trust and they

improve the cat's absorption capacity.

Targeted handles help the animals to get one

good body feeling.

“There are many different types, his

To place hand on the animal's body »,

says Lisa Leicht, TTouch-Teacher out

Bern. Only one thing remains almost always identical:

The fingers usually move on the skin

in 1¼ circles. It is up to the user

whether he's clockwise movements

executes or circles in the opposite direction. Lisa Leicht

is always based on wellbeing

the cat trying to gauge what

likes the animal better. The important thing is: while the

treats one hand, the other remains calm

and supports the animal. Most of the time the animal owner works

from front to back and from above


TTouchit stabilize the circulation

and save lives

The Tellington-TTouchMethod was introduced in 1983

by native Canadian Linda Tellington-Jones

developed (see pages 16 and 17).

According to teacher Lisa Leicht, the method came about

«Out of the need to be respectful

and clear form of communication

to create between humans and animals ».

TIERWELT / 42, OCTOBER 22, 2010

Below is a description of some contacten

and their effect:

• chimpanzeeTTouchit «is done With

the part of the hand that the chimpanzee has

to walk, ”explains Leicht. The

User folds his fingers and moves

the skin With the second phalanx. Because

Not With the palm of the hand worked

According to Leicht, this touch is suitable

especially good for shy cats: «He is

less direct. "

• The tigerTTouch «Have a lot of Büsis insane

gladly". You face each tiger

Shirkan from the jungle book says

Light, and forms her hand into a paw.

Is «touched» With the tips of the finger

■ wildlife ■

TTouch-Teacher Lisa Leicht treats Somali tomcat Lord Lancelot With the earTTouch.

nails. Easily recommends this touch

to apply little pressure. Especially

Cats who scratch each other frequently would

appreciate this grip.

• earTTouchit strengthen the immune system,

help with digestive disorders and can

even save a life - for example after one

Accident. «Because the earTTouch stabilized

the cycle, ”says Leicht. And so

it is done: the thumb moves

in 1¼ circles over the ear. Then ear

smear outwards.

• In the case ofTTouch circle the fingertips

the animal's mouth. He is above all

helpful with anxiety, stress, nervousness and


The right hand treats, the left supports. ChimpanzeeTTouch: Good for shy Büsi. This is how the raccoon worksTTouch.


Images: cosmos

■ wildlife ■

• raccoonTTouchit will With one or

applied to multiple fingertips. "So

you can also touch small spots »,

says Leicht, «and SalvationAccelerate processes. "

• The tarantula-TTouch called With full name

«Tarantula pulling the plow». These

contact is a lighter form of dating

Massage techniques known from skin rolling.

This touch works depending on the type of application

activating or calming. He increases that

Blood circulation and is helpful in animals,

the on contact react sensitively.

The user «runs» With Index and middle finger

both hands over the fur of his

Tiers. He pulls his thumbs afterwards

- as if they were a plow.

• Skimming With «Noah's March» is suitable

at the beginning and at the end of the treatment:

With the palm of your hand from the front to the front

behind in clear movements over the fur

to brush.

With helpWithchange effect or

Create distance

Lisa is easy TTouch-Teacher for small animals.

Most of all, she treats dogs and cats.

But the method can also be used with guinea pigs,

Applied to turtles and more

become. It is also a boon

this body work for people. So calls

The visitors easily take part in their presentations

often on that TTouchit to yourself

to try. As recently on one of the

Association "Friends of the Cat Museum Switzerland"

organized occasion.

There she also showed her utensils

such as peeling gloves, brushes or sheepskin.

The items change either

the quality of TTouchit or create from

the hand to the animal some distance - what

especially if you are playful, shy or

aggressive cats. But whether hands

or auxiliaryWithtel: The cat is already starting

after a few TTouchto purr it - and

enjoys it. Sarah Kuhni

Linda Tellington-Jones,

«TTouch for cats »,

124 pages, hardcover,

Publisher: Kosmos, ISBN:


approx. Fr. 27.–

Linda Tellington-Jones,

«Tellington-Training for

Dogs », 144 pages,

Flap brochure, With

DVD, Publisher: Kosmos,

ISBN: 978-3-440-11629-6,

approx. CHF 34.–

A long-term friendship

connects Linda Tellington-Jones

With Prof. Dr. Ewald Isenbügel,

Veterinarian at the Zurich Zoo.

Linda Tellington-Jones, animal ambassador:

A life for dignity

More respect, understanding, compassion -

that's what Linda wants Tellington-Jones

for our animal creatures. since

She has followed her as an animal ambassador for around 50 years

persistently this goal.

Man is the crown of creation.

This is an old saying.

But unfortunately he is not a wise ruler

no kind king. He is to one

become a merciless despot. Greedy for

always more profit, he uses nature and

their creatures without feeling or conscience.

Farm animals have degenerated into industrial goods,

Disposable pets. Since 50 years

fights Linda Tellington-Jones against this

soulless mentality, tempts people

the fascinating and livable being

our feathered, scaled, and furry ones

Bringing fellow creatures close again.

Grew up on a farm in Canada

Edmonton, does she have enough land

liability to make your ideas believable to people

to bring different schools of thought closer.

At the age of eleven, she was already helping

Breaking in horses. The compulsion involved

has been exercised, breaking the will of the

however, she did not like noble animals. Would it be

not much more natural With to work together with the animals,

than to subdue them? A

Animal that obeys just out of fear is not

reliable, but remains in critical situations


A book about floor work With Horses,

her grandfather's horse massage and one

four-year training in the Feldenkrais

Method were milestones on their way.

The breakthrough came in 1983: Tellington-Jones

discovered the 1¼-circle motion that Tellington-TTouch-Method

was born. she is

a kind of communication at cell level and

not only helps the behavior of difficult

Changing animals, it also improves

Health and wellbeing, builds stress

decreases, strengthens the immune system and increases the

16 WILDLIFE / 42, OCTOBER 22, 2010

the animals

Concentration. TTouch can by anyone and

can be applied everywhere. It is suitable for

young and old animals, for elephants and birds.

With their method has Tellington-Jones den

People a simple means of communication

With Given to animals.

The animal ambassador has been traveling since this discovery

tirelessly through the world and

passes on their knowledge. Also in Switzerland

it offers courses and workshops on a regular basis

at. A special friendship connects

you With Dr. Ewald Isenbügel, zoo veterinarian of the

Zurich zoos. Zoo animals lie Tellington-

Jones especially dear to heart and she sees With

Joy that keeping in many animal parks

has made great strides. Often she will

called to exotic animals and it is touching

that elephants, tigers and bears,

yes even snakes and lizards the 1¼ circles

enjoy. The language that Tellington-Jones

found is universal and a big one

Gift to all living beings.

Text and pictures: Ursula Glauser

TIERWELT / 42, OCTOBER 22, 2010

Cattle unit or

Creature With own

Would? For Linda

Tellington-Jones is the one

Clear answer.

Mrs Tellington-Jones, the method of

Circular motion is very easy. To have

An explanation of why they are

still works so quickly and intensely?

This is how you get in touch With the cells,

it is communication at cell level. The movement

is made conscious, one remains With the

full attention. That is important

1¼ circle; one sets a clock face

and moves the skin With the fingers of six

Clock once around and on until nine o'clock. The

Circular motion activates the right hemisphere, the

Introducing the digits activates the left hemisphere.

By TTouch so both hemispheres are equally

active. EEG exams have this

confirmed and also shown that the

Brain wave pattern underneath TTouch so changed how

normally only found in enlightened people

finds - this is called the «awakend

mind »state: You are relaxed and at the same time

awake. This happens to the practitioner and the

treated animals or humans alike.

You denote TTouch as a communication

between species. How

can you imagine that?

It is heart-to-heart communication. If

man an animal WithTTouch treated, it takes the

People suddenly With new interest true. The

The expression in the eyes is very different from before.

It's like an awakening.

What can humans do with animals?


unconditional love, tolerance, better understanding.

Forgiveness and deep gratitude too. Love-

■ my life With animals ■

"Disrespect kills the earth"

becoming full of oneself and one's surroundings.

What can animals do with humans?


It can learn to overcome its fear. As a prerequisite

to do this, it must learn to trust

grasp. And it can also increase its intelligence,

in the sense that its ability to become new

Adapting situations, improved.

The longer, the more you discover that

Animals have a lot more skills than

Long assumed: animals have one

Sense of humor, need tools,

partly have an idea of

I, elephants even have knowledge

about death. Does it even exist

fundamental difference between

Human and animal?

Of course there is a whole gamut of intelligence.

But there is no fundamental difference

between humans and animals. Our self-centeredness

does not let us see this.

Can humans have farm animals?

He should see her With Cultivate respect and gratitude and

kill in the same posture if need be.

That is the attitude of indigenous people. Our disrespect

however, kills the planet earth.

When feeling and logic no longer play together,

when only the intellect rules, there is only

our left hemisphere is still active. We see that

image of reality only With half-brained what

means that we are half blind as a result. We are

no longer able to see the whole.


Images: Sarah Kuhni, Kosmos Touch with Heil - Effect TTouch works with almost all animals - including house cats. The special body work improves well-being, promotes trust between humans and animals and has a positive effect on health. Chimpanzees, tigers and raccoons are wellness for the cat. At least the touch s of the Tellington - TTouch method named after them. This technique can reduce stress and anxiety in velvet paws after a short period of use. The TTouch create trust and improve the cat's receptivity. Targeted handles help the animals to feel good about their bodies. "There are many different ways to place your hand on the animal's body," says Lisa Leicht, TTouch teacher from Bern. Only one thing remains almost always identical: the fingers usually move in 1¼ circles on the skin. It is up to the user whether he executes the movements clockwise or counterclockwise. Lisa Leicht always focuses on the cat's well-being and tries to assess what the animal prefers. It is important that while one hand is treating, the other remains calm and supports the animal. Most of the time, the pet owner works from front to back and from top to bottom. TTouch it stabilizes the circulation and saves lives The Tellington - TTouch method was developed in 1983 by the Canadian-born Linda Tellington -Jones developed (see pages 16 and 17). According to the teacher Lisa Leicht, the method “arose out of the need to create a respectful and clear form of communication between humans and animals”. TIERWELT / 42, OCTOBER 22, 2010 The following is a description of some touch s and their effect: • Chimpanzee TTouch it «is done with the part the hand that the chimpanzees need to walk, ”explains Leicht. The user folds his fingers in and moves the skin with the second phalanx. Because the palm of the hand is not used , this touch is particularly suitable for shy cats, according to Leicht: "It is less direct." • The tiger TTouch «are very fond of many Buses». You imagine Tiger Shirkan from the jungle book, says Leicht, and forms her hand into a paw. "Touching" is with the tips of the ■ animal world ■ TTouch teacher Lisa Leicht treats Somali tomcat Lord Lancelot with the ears < strong> TTouch . nails. Leicht recommends that you use little pressure on this touch. Cats in particular, who have to scratch themselves frequently, would appreciate this grip. • Ear TTouch it strengthen the immune system, help with digestive disorders and can even save lives - for example after an accident. "Because the ear TTouch stabilizes the circulation," says Leicht. And this is how it is done: The thumb moves in 1¼ circles over the ear. Then stroke the ear outwards. • With the Maul- TTouch the fingertips circle the animal's mouth. It is especially helpful for fear, stress, nervousness and hyperactivity. The right hand treats, the left supports. Chimpanzee TTouch : Good for shy busies. This is how the raccoon TTouch works. 15th

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