What is the truth about Maula Ali

The death of Hz. Ali

How was Hz. Ali murdered?

The origin of the word Alevism lies with Hazreti (Hz.) Ali, the 1st Imam, the successor appointed by Mohammed, son-in-law of the Prophet and whom the Alevis recognize as perfect human beings. He and Hz. Fatma are the people who continued the bloodline of Ehlibeyt (the family of Muhammad). In the opinion of many expert authors, Alevi is a combination of the words "Ali Evi" and over time it became Alevi, which translates as Ali's house or, more freely, who follow Ali's path. But there is a widespread error on the subject of the death of Hz. Ali, this is also the reason for the clarification of this letter. The story that Hz. Ali was killed from behind with a poisoned knife during a prayer in a mosque is not true. Unfortunately, this mistake is now widespread even within many Alevi families. On the one hand, there were no mosques at that time as they exist today, but houses of prayer (mescit) that did not resemble the mosques and, on the other hand, the prayer (salât) did not resemble that of the Sunni namaz, as it is practiced. If you want to find out more about namaz, you can read another article on this page in which this is explained. What to say about the death or murder of Ali is the following; Hz. Ali was stabbed from behind by Ibn Mülcem with a poisonous knife on January 24th, 661 while leaving his house. The fact that the knife was a poisonous knife as the murder weapon is the only true description. So that is not why Alevis do not go to mosques to pray, but rather a common misconception. The reason for this is explained in the said article about namaz on this page.