What is the adjective form of merit

A. Opposites.Choose the correct adjective and put it in the comparative case. Pay attention to the adjective endings!

 EXAMPLE: This bread is too old. Is there fresher bread anywhere?

dark • like • big • good • expensive • a lot • warm

1.My garden is so small. I want a bigger garden.
2.I think this camera is too cheap. Do you have a more expensive camera?
3.This hotel is very bad. I'm looking for a better hotel.
4.Do you prefer to live in the country or in the city?
5.I am poor. You have more money than me
6.Wisconsin is way too cold in winter. I would like to live in a warmer state.
7.There is too much light in this room. I have to find a darker room for my photos.

B. How can you say it differently?Express the sentences differently. Use phrases like “more beautiful than”, “as beautiful as”, “less beautiful than” and “not as beautiful as”.

EXAMPLE: Rhode Island is smaller than Wisconsin.
Rhode Island isn't as big as Wisconsin. OR Wisconsin is bigger than Rhode Island.

1.Russian is more difficult than German.Russian is not as easy as German / German is easier than Russian.
2.John Kerry is older than John Edwards.Kerry is not as old as Edwards / Edwards is younger than Kerry.
3.A BMW costs more than a Ford.A Ford is not as expensive as a BMW / A Ford costs less than a BMW.
4.Buffy was a much funnier show than Friends.Friends wasn't as funny as Buffy.
5.Ingraham is not as tall as Van Hise.Ingraham is shorter than Van Hise / Van Hise is taller than Ingraham.

C. Compare.Choose two things from the list below and write a comparison (= comparison) with comparative forms. Write 5 comparisons.

New York Citya hippopotamusa ToyotaCameron Diaz
a Rolex watchSwitzerlanda sheet of paperThe Daily Show
Jack Nicholsona frogMineral waterthe Eiffel Tower
BeethovenHomer SimpsonBerlinan iPod

1.A sheet of paper is much lighter than a hippopotamus. (A sheet of paper weighs a lot less than a hippopotamus.)
2.(Answers will vary ...)
3.(Answers will vary ...)
4.(Answers will vary ...)
5.(Answers will vary ...)

D. Superlative forms in the predicate.Complete the sentences with the superlative forms. Because these adjectives and adverbs are all in the predicate, you must put the adjectives in the form ‘On + ____- most’ write.

1.Elsa runs more quickly than Rudi, but Gertrud runs the fastest.
2.It's here in July hotter than June, but August is hottest.
3.My brother knows more than me, but my sister knows the most.
4.We go to the theater rather than to the opera, but we prefer to go to the cinema.
5.It is in my room darker than yours, but Eva's room is darkest.
6.A flute is playing volume up than a violin, but a trumpet plays the loudest.
7.It's with us in summer more beautiful than winter, but autumn is most beautiful.
8.I think chemistry more interesting than math, but German is the most interesting.

E. Decide: comparative or superlative?Write the correct comparative OR superlative forms in the gaps. (You’ll need to decide which makes sense: the nicest house, or a nicer house.) Also watch out for adjective endings!

1.He lives in the most beautiful(beautiful) House in town.
2.She has a bigger one(large) House than me.
3.I'll take the next one(close) Bus.
4.I like this movie best(Well) from all.
5.What do you like doing the most(gladly)? -- I travel.
6.Can you tell me how to get the fastest(fast) come to the police?
7.You deserve more(much) if I.
8.That is the oldest(old) Church in Germany.
9.I know more interesting ones(Interesting) People than my brother.
10.I know the most interesting(Interesting) Madison people.
11.I meet funnier ones(funny) Friends than you.
12.My roommate is a younger one(young) Man as your roommate.

F. Important phrases.The following sentences illustrate some important phrases that can be used when making comparisons. Translate the sentences into German. Be careful: some sentences have some kind of 'trick'.

1.You're a better student than me.
 You are a better student than me.
2.I have more money than you.
 I have more money than you
3.I know him better than (I know) you.
 I know him better than (I know) you.
4.Mom gave me more money than you.
 Mom gave me more money than you.
5.More people live in apartments than in houses.
 More people live in apartments than in houses.
6.Most students here live in the dorms.
 Most of the students here live in the dormitory.
7.German is the most interesting language.
 German is the most interesting language.
8.German is less difficult than Russian.
 German is less difficult than Russian.
9.German is more fun than Latin.
 German is more fun than Latin.
10.Charlie Brown is a cleaner boy (= the boy) than Pigpen.
 Charlie Brown is a cleaner boy than Pigpen.