Meat companies spread lies about PETA

PETA: Faked signature collection promoted with FOCUS Online Local

Exclusively for - 02/28/2018. Author: Philipp J. Kroiß

PETA uses the FOCUS Online Local offer to spread populism through elephant keeping at the Hannover Adventure Zoo.

PETA: Faked signature collection promoted with FOCUS Online Local

“The opportunities to report on local issues and successes on FOCUS Online are great and unique in this form”, writes FOCUS guest author Wolfgang Stefinger, Member of the Bundestag. Actually, that's a good thing, too, but apparently there is only a very deficient control in terms of content - including whether these are companies that distribute press releases here. The radical animal rights organization PETA is apparently taking advantage of this to promote populism against the Hannover Adventure Zoo.

Long revealed as fake news

The manipulating and manipulated video has long been exposed as such. The media scientist Annika Schach from the University of Hanover analyzed the video in a 58-page report. Die Neue Presse reports on this:

“In doing so, she came to the conclusion that an unbiased perception is not possible at all, that the viewer should be manipulated by the power of the images. The methods for doing this include color changes and so-called jump cuts, barely noticeable strings of different scenes. And by converting the recordings from 30 to 25 frames per second, motion sequences were accelerated. In addition, there were text overlays with a dominant appeal function and a scandalous choice of words. "

PETA has not admitted this to this day and instead asserts the authenticity of the material, which of course seems rather ridiculous according to this independent analysis. In an effort to somehow save the campaign, which PETA had already driven against the wall for a long time, attempts had already been made to get recipients in the USA to get hold of the same bear. Likewise, the fake news and the associated video were even stuck to.

PETA suddenly “friend” from FOCUS?

The author of the work “PETA hands over 100,000 signatures for an end to elephant cruelty in the zoo”, which appeared online on FOCUS and is now trying to save the campaign that failed because of the facts, is PETA itself. FOCUS states the authorship as follows: “PETA ( Stuttgart) [Link to PETA's Facebook page] (from our non-editorial Friends network) ”. Apparently FOCUS doesn't really watch the “Friends” either, so PETA is allowed to speak of “abuse”, although cruelty to animals has never been proven. PETA also quotes itself or the “specialist advisor for animals in the entertainment industry at PETA”, Yvonne Würz, is quoted in the article, which is actually like a press release. She also speaks of alleged mistreatment, which, however, has not been proven, since mistreatment would have complied with the relevant criminal offense. PETA even calls its campaign “animal welfare”.

PETA writes about the Hanover Adventure Zoo: "Although the circus-like show has been removed from the program, the sensitive wild animals are still controlled with the elephant hook in the form of so-called direct contact." This show has not existed for a very long time and we are currently in the process of converting to keeping in protected contact. So you are lying to the readers of FOCUS online with outdated information.

Of course, in the article, Dr. Hering-Hagenbeck again a bit from the smear campaign, but we already know from PETA that they like to pull on Hagenbecks unfairly. In the case of Dr. Hering-Hagenbeck has already been determined by the Public Prosecutor's Office in Celle: “There are no doubts about the expertise and impartiality of the expert appointed by the public prosecutor's office.” Nevertheless, apparently sponsored by FOCUS, they can claim the opposite without any sufficient evidence. They are also allowed to formulate an appeal against elephant keeping in zoos in general and claim without any evidence that their animal-friendly keeping is not possible, although the opposite has been proven or is proven day after day in modern zoos in Germany and around the world.

Mendacious collection of signatures

The same populism that comes up against you in the article in the FOCUS Online Local program has been found in the associated PETA campaign for months. This campaign is lying: one fantasizes about “abuse” that one cannot even sufficiently prove and claims that it would be true anyway. Thanks to the Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG), raw and torturous mistreatment of animals is punishable - but no violation of this law was found. Nevertheless, to assert the opposite as a factual assertion is a lie and PETA has done so, not only in this article and not in this case already several times.

Attitudes are constantly denigrated and people throw around unproven words such as “abuse” and “cruelty to animals”. Instead of making this clear as an unproven opinion in the reporting, FOCUS now also offers a forum to spread such lies. That has nothing to do with serious information transfer and the actually good program FOCUS Online Local is certainly not intended to be used in this way, because you want to give people the opportunity to report locally and actually, according to the mission statement, not to be another distributor for press releases from companies disguised as articles.

This petition is actually newsworthy in a completely different direction. Instead of publishing self-adulation from PETA, one can certainly expect an editorial team like that of FOCUS to critically question how serious it is to collect signatures with a manipulated and manipulating video and then to present them smugly, although the signatories apparently not at all were informed in a balanced way. That, however, is currently not taking place. PETA is still allowed to propagate an illusory world, although the allegations have already been rejected several times.