Who comes after millennials

Gen Z? Everything you should know about Generation Z

Generation differences: Baby Boomers, Generations X, Y & Z

As can already be seen in the dating of Generation Z, there is a clear delimitation of the different generations almost impossible. This concerns the exact vintages and their characteristics. It is not always clear who belongs to which generation. A possible grouping into different years is the following:

  • Baby Boomers: 50s and 60s
  • Generation X: late 60s and early 80s
  • Generation Y: 80s and 90s
  • Generation Z: late 90s and 2000s

One of the consequences of this is that Generation Z occasionally does not appear as a separate generation, but as a Subgroup of millennials is seen. It is just as unclear which of the vintages in the 2010s still belong to Gen Z.

In addition to the difficulty of delimiting the generations, there is the problem that they are inherent no homogeneous groups represent. Two members of the same age group can, despite everything, represent very different values ​​and opinions. It is therefore rather difficult to ascribe general characteristics to the various age groups.

Nevertheless, certain mean values ​​and basic patterns emerge from studies and surveys in which differences between the age groups can be determined. Most interesting are the differences between the Generation Y and Z, as these have the greatest influence on the current labor market. These two generations are similar in many respects, especially since they are both very much integrated into the digital world. However, there are some differences that are also evident in the world of work.

Generation Y (Millennials)Generation Z
• Flexible working time and location

• Work-life blending

• Performance-oriented

• Identification with the company

• Loyalty to the employer

• Well networked team players

• Safe job

• Work-life separation

• Searching for meaning in work

• Job and personality have to go hand in hand

• Low loyalty to the employer

• Demands on a modern workplace