What is the MULEA campaign

Icelandair launches first global campaign #MyStopover

In a society that is often confronted with pressure to perform, a hectic pace and constant availability, one good is becoming more and more valuable: time. Routine and everyday life keep many under their spell, creativity and spontaneity often fall by the wayside. This was also the result of a survey by OnePoll on behalf of Icelandair: 74 percent of the Germans surveyed say that they would like more spontaneity in their life, 46 percent that their life could be more exciting. Too little money (62 percent of those surveyed) and time (31 percent) were named as the greatest obstacles. Icelandair's first global campaign, which runs under the slogan “Some Airlines give you miles. Icelandair gives you time. ”On September 25, 2014. The initiative will accompany the airline for around two years and consist of several activities. The focus is on the unique opportunity to experience two destinations on one trip with a stopover in Iceland on the way to North America without a flight surcharge.

Iceland's national airline Icelandair is growing continuously and the North American market is becoming increasingly important: Icelandair has added a total of six new North America routes to its flight program since 2012. In 2014 alone, two new destinations were added: Edmonton and Vancouver in Canada, and Portland in Oregon will also be served from summer 2015. The target group of travelers to North America is becoming more and more important and the demand for transatlantic flights is also increasing. All flights lead via the modern, manageable Keflavik Airport in Iceland, where travelers can change within 60 to 90 minutes thanks to short distances.

With its stopover program, the airline is making a unique offer to travelers by giving passengers time: On the way to or from North America, it is possible to make a stopover of up to seven days in Iceland at no extra cost and thus connect two destinations. Travelers don't even make a detour: Due to Iceland's ideal location in the Atlantic, halfway between Europe and North America, the island state is practically on the way. The stopover is at the center of the global Icelandair campaign, which starts on September 25, 2014 and is based on the slogan “Some Airlines give you miles. Icelandair gives you time. ”Is framed.

A first pillar of this campaign, which will consist of several initiatives, is the “Surprise Stopover”. The aim of this initiative is to show the diverse possibilities in Iceland. Via www.icelandair.de/surprisestopover/, participants can nominate a person who deserves a very special break: Both nominees and nominees have the opportunity to win a joint stopover in Iceland on their way to North America. When you arrive in Keflavik you can choose from different areas, such as cuisine, music, culture, sport or nature / outdoor - and explore the country for 48 hours with this in mind. Information and booking options for the stopover can be found at www.icelandair.de/flights/stopover/. Icelandair also publishes pictures and videos of the activities here. These can also be found in the social media channels, which are an important part of the campaign, under the hashtag #MyStopover.

One passenger already had the opportunity to experience such a surprise stopover in Iceland. Kat, the winner from Seattle, chose the culinary theme and was accompanied on her journey of discovery by the chef Jói. She cooked typical Icelandic lamb dishes, baked rye bread the Icelandic way - namely in a geothermal spring - and picked delicious strawberries and blackberries. In addition, she experienced the many possibilities that a stay in Iceland offers in numerous other activities. The result is a short video that gives an impression of what passengers can expect at the surprise stopover. This is available at www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8pDcvyDP1M.

Flights to the USA and Canada can be booked from Germany from 510 euros, for example to New York and Boston.