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Migos album "Culture": Whimsical, whimsical!

With their new album, the three rappers from Migos from Atlanta lay claim to the hip-hop throne. One thing is certain: you have mastered your trap.

Do the aunts know about the skibobs? Migos with Bitches Photo: David Rams

Quavo, Takeoff and Offset are taken aback - the three rappers from Atlanta with the crew name Migos make no secret of it. “There are artists who are far more famous than we are, but they have credit only for our Get flow ”, explained Offset on the occasion of the release of the new Migos album,“ Culture ”, the US internet music magazineFader. "We have done a lot for hip-hop."

The 25-year-old Kiari Cephus, as Offset is called in real life, is alluding to the characteristic flow of Migos. Flow, that means in rap the way the syllables spread out over the beats, them over them flow allow. And with Migos three syllables usually flow between two bars. In 2013 it happened that Migos released the song "Versace" (Ver-sa-ce, you guessed the game!). But only after a remix together with the Canadian rap star Drake, who adapted her flow, the song went through the roof. Unlucky artists!

Other competitors followed Drake's lead, copying Migos' style of rap while the Atlanta rappers felt left out. Let me just add that the Three Six Mafia group from Memphis had already used that three-syllable style in 1994 - what the heck: Migos have definitely revived and further developed Flow in recent years. It's not for nothing that the style is now called Migos or Versace Flow.

So now the three artists are releasing “Culture”. With this dark new work, the richly soured trio lay claim to the hip-hop throne. After a cascade of mix tapes and the debut album "Yung Rich Nation" (2015), the new album unfortunately sounds reactionary at first, which is yelled at the listener in the first few seconds. “Do you deny that Migos are part of the culture?” Shouts feature guest DJ Khaled.

What follows afterwards: gloomy, resentful bass, rattling hi-hats and much too loud snare strikes. Migos have mastered their trap, this is the name of the variety of rap that is deeply rooted in Atlanta's DNA.

Dull, beautiful Atlanta rap

Trap was originally created in the nineties. Its sound signature is based on the Roland TR-808 drum computer, just like the southern genre Miami Bass. At the same time, trap is also a slang term for a place where drugs are sold and consumed. In the noughties, the style-defining trap artists Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane - both from Atlanta. The fact that Gucci Mane is now making a guest appearance on “Culture” is tantamount to ennobling for Migos.

On “Slippery”, Gucci and his descendants rap about croquettes, women (sorry: Bitches), Air Jordans, codeine cough syrup and their aunts. Migos are related to each other. In terms of content, it hardly gets any less bizarre, but it doesn't get any more substantial either. If Migos were to employ an equal opportunities officer, they would have a lot to do.

Migos: "Culture" (Quality Control / 300 Entertainment / Atlantic), since January 27th

With all controversies - including textual - musically, "Culture" is an energetic, consistently dull and beautiful document from Atlanta Rap 2017. This is also due to the strange sounds that the rappers sprinkle between the lines, so-called Adlibs: "Skurr skurr" , "Brra" and "Ahh" are some of those non-verbal interjections where conservative hip-hop fans get chicken skins and the hair on the back of their necks. Meanwhile, the Snapchat generation is working collectively on dab, the dance that Migos made famous and that Hillary Clinton performed for US talker Ellen DeGeneres.

The Migos album went over the US counter 131,000 times in the first week of sales alone, and there were more than 116 million streams. Quite successful for young artists who, according to their own statements on the track “Call Casting”, until recently lived one-sidedly on noodles (“We came up from noodles”).

There is no evidence that “culture” would start a new era in hip-hop, as could be read elsewhere. The album is a self-contained trap lesson for which Migos will hopefully soon get the recognition it deserves, but it will take a few hours before the genre revolution.