Did the Illuminati make a human sacrifice

Mass ritual sacrifice of children was unprecedented

Unparalleled event?

If the archaeologists' conclusions are correct, Huanchaquito-Las Llamas would be compelling scientific evidence of the largest known mass child sacrifice in world history.

So far, the largest mass child sacrifice for which physical evidence has been found has been the ritual execution and burial of 42 children at the Templo Mayor in the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán (now Mexico City).

The discovery of child sacrifices killed in the course of Inca rituals on mountain tops also attracted worldwide attention.

Even beyond America, archaeologists are discussing whether the remains of children in excavation sites such as the ancient Phoenician city of Carthage are evidence of a sacrificial ritual. If so, it would also have to be clarified whether such rituals were carried out over several decades or even centuries.

Verano emphasizes that such clear evidence of deliberate, singular mass sacrifices as in Las Llamas is extremely rare in an archaeological context.

Analysis of the bones from Las Llamas shows that both the children and the llamas were killed with even, efficient, diagonal cuts across the sternum. Since there is no indication that the incisions were hesitated or improved, it can be assumed that they were made by an experienced hand.

"These are ritual killings and they are very systematic," says Verano.

Human sacrifice has been practiced in almost every corner of the world at some point in time. Scientists even believe that such rituals played an important role in the development of complex societies and served elitist classes as a means of social hierarchization and population control.

Most models of society that deal with human sacrifice, however, would be based on adult sacrifice, explains Joseph Watts, a researcher at Oxford University and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Man.

“I think child sacrifices are definitely more difficult to explain,” he says, then pauses for a moment. "Especially on a personal level."

Trade with higher powers

The mass sacrifice of children and llamas at Las Llamas, however, seems to be a phenomenon that was previously unknown in this form from history. It also raises the question of what might have moved the Chimú to such an act.

Prieto also admits that this is usually the first question he is asked when talking to other colleagues or locals about his research in Las Llamas.

"When people hear about what is happening and its extent, they always ask first: Why?"