South Indians are Hindus

Indians fight alligators down

With a 4: 2 (2: 1, 0: 0, 2: 1) away win in Höchstadt, the ECDC Memmingen has taken a big step towards relegation. After the 4: 3 win on Friday, the coaching team was able to fall back on the suspended Martin Jainz in defense this time.

The Indians were fighting strong right from the start. The first outnumbering in the sixth minute also led to success. Martin Jainz withdrew and Derek Switzer deflected the 1-0 lead for the Indians. Shortly afterwards the Indians were outnumbered and with a counterattack they even had the chance to increase to 2-0. But Markus Kerber failed on the goalkeeper. In direct return, however, the Franks did better and Anton Marsall scored the 1-1. The Indians continued to fight and were always dangerous by counterattack. When the Franks were in the penalty box with two men, Martin Löhle scored the 2-1 for the Indians. As a result, the game rocked back and forth. Both teams left clear chances.

The ECDC was lucky in the 21st minute when Michael Hlozek hit the post. In the middle of the second section, the Indians even survived a two-man shortfall. Above all, the goalkeeper Christian Baader could thank the Allgäu again and again, who defused the shots of the alligators. At the end of the second section, the ECDC had the chance to score 3: 1 with an outnumber of two men, but the Franks also got through this precarious situation with flying colors.

But in the 43rd minute it was again Martin Löhle who finally scored the 3-1 for the red-whites. After a knee check on Stephan Hiendlmayer, Andreas Neumann had to take a shower early. The Indians are now five minutes outnumbered. After a liberation, there was Bully in front of the Franconian gate. Derek Switzer won the face-off, put back on Martin Jainz, who pulled away and it was 4: 1 for Memmingen. The Indians now defended the result. In the 58th minute, Höchstadt came closer to 2: 4 through Michael Hlozek, but it was no longer enough. With this strong fighting performance and the victory, the Indians took first place in the relegation round Group B. With a home win on
Relegation can be ensured on Friday against Königsbrunn.

Goals: 0: 1 (5:36) Switzer (Jainz / 5-4), 1: 1 (8:34) Marsall (Hiendlmayer, Watkins / 5-4), 1: 2 (12:28) Löhle (Newhook, Jainz / 5-3), 1: 3 (42:19) Löhle (Tenschert), 1: 4 (50:04) Jainz (Newhook / 4-5), 2: 4 (57:03) Hlozek (Schmidhuber, Hiendlmayer ). Penalties: Höchstadt 14 + 10 (Jasny), Memmingen 20 + 10 (Vycichlo) + 5 + playing time (Neumann). Spectators: 489.

Tuesday February 22, 2011