Will universities be outdated in the future?

Digital teaching Teacher training in the pandemic "skips ten years"

Digital teaching as a new university module

According to J├╝rgen Ronthaler, Director of the Center for Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Leipzig, this is rapid progress: "Well, I assume that in ten years we might be ready if we had developed it regularly, but we skip that Acquisition of skills and development just ten years. "

Many of the new forms of teaching are now being used in the universities, since teacher training is no longer in attendance either. The experience that the students gained in the university could be used directly in their practical assignments in schools. Although the training plans of the universities have not been changed due to the pandemic, the digitization of teaching is a topic that is now particularly in focus.

According to Ronthaler, a new module will be compulsory for student teachers from autumn: "The students get a two-hour lecture" - with media-pedagogical and digitization concepts as well as hardware knowledge. "And then there are also seminars." This central event, which will be compulsory for all teacher training students, aims in particular to impart basic skills for digital teaching.