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Neil Young: Always great!

Few songwriters have burned themselves into our collective musical memory like Neil Young. During these weeks, the 72-year-old is drawing attention to himself with two new albums.

Neil Young had times when he often looked like there was something bad in the last joint. And sing ... well. The fragile voice is often driven up to the stop, often slightly “out of tune”. And yet - or perhaps because of it - Neil Young is an artist who easily passes through as a "legend" during his lifetime.

Neil Young turned 72 on November 12th. He has already written a biography. It's good that he's just getting on with albums again!


In September "Hitchhiker" was released, a "lost" album recorded in 1976 at Indigo Ranch Studios in Malibu. Nine songs with voice, guitar, harmonica and once a little piano. Rumors say the album was recorded in one piece on a full moon night. That's believable - it sounds like it! Because we muffled the guitar vigorously, the voice squeezed and the mix is ​​"rough".

Illustrious figures meet in the texts. Pocahontas, Captain Kennedy who fought against the Germans and Richard Nixon. Filigree guitar work cannot be found on the disc. The album is much more than a biographical testimony for the shelf. The songs show a great feeling for melody, are interpreted in a stylish way and breathe the feeling of earlier Young albums.

Acoustic Guitar magazine called these recordings “natural”. Naturally cloudy apple juice instead of Red Bull? Somehow true .. but still gives you wings.

Promise of The Real - The Visitor

A few days ago "The Visitor" was also released. Neil Young has always been versatile. In the early 80s, I was at a Young concert with the acoustic songs in my ear, which was an exorbitant electric guitar orgy. It's not that wild on "The Visitor". A lot of different things fit on one pane. Neil Young has produced a very varied production.

Are there parallels between the recordings from 1976 and 2017? Well, the president's name is no longer Nixon, but Trump. It is still beneficial that there are political texts without clumsy agitation, but with a clear message. “Already Great” describes the stupidity of the current American government and leaves no doubt about the position with the line “No wall, no hate, no fascist USA”.

Musically - perhaps a result of a long musical journey through life - garage blues, melancholy folk ballads and angry electric guitar riffs are peacefully united.

Both albums are very worth listening to. Here is a great musician at work with committed lyrics! Keep on rockin, Neil! My hot tip for the next Nobel Prize in Literature!

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