Is Meghan Markle generous

Duchess Meghan: Did the Queen make her this generous offer?

With her marriage to the British royal family, Duchess Meghan, then still Meghan Markle, said goodbye to her career as an actress and gave up her role in the hit series "Suits" for her marriage to Prince Harry. But was that really what the palace expected of her? One expert says she was free to choose.

When Duchess Meghan, 39, Prince Harry, 36, said yes in 2018, she also took up her position as Senior Royal. She officially gave up acting for her new role and the associated duties. If Andrew Morton is to be believed, she didn't have to do that.

Duchess Meghan had a choice

Queen Elizabeth, 94, is said to have presented the couple with several options. As the biographer reports on the Royally Obsessed podcast, it gave them "the opportunity to go wherever they wanted". Meghan could have continued to pursue her job as an actress. "They were given some leeway. They were told, 'Here are your first class tickets. Pick the country you want to go to and we'll make you young ambassadors for the Commonwealth,'" said Andrew Morton.

The Duchess could have stayed with acting

His claims come just weeks after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan complained in their controversial interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey, 67, about how the Royal Family treated the American. "To be fair to the royal family and the queen, she gave them the opportunity to go where they wanted," says the expert. "They also said to Meghan that if she shouldn't want to pursue her royal obligations full-time, she'd like to continue her acting career." These options would have been open to her.

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Did Prince William warn his brother?

But why did Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry still choose the role of Senior Royals? Morton believes the Sussexes haven't weighed their options enough. "I don't think either of them has given it enough thought. I think Prince William's famous warning, 'Take it easy, think about what you're doing' that made Harry angry, was probably meant more out of affection." The expert also says that Prince William was more aware of what a difficult task it is to become a member of the royal family. "Just think of Catherine Middleton. She's British, she grew up with traditions, of course she was middle-class, but she has a very solid and stable family," Morton muses. Meghan, on the other hand, had none of this. "She's an American and didn't have a clue about the royal family."

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