What smart places do you hide valuables

Vacationers are particularly warned: The six-week summer vacation is the high season for burglars. You can use these tricks to prepare.

Every year, burglars prepare for their personal high season: the summer holidays, when families are on vacation and their home is unguarded. But what can you do to protect your property and any valuables inside?

Close windows and doors, but leave the curtains open

Locking windows and doors is the most obvious step. Experts also advise valuables not in sight of the window to leave - especially on the ground floor. Alarm systems are also effective. You can also ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your property while you are away.

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Where shouldn't you hide your things under any circumstances?

John Lewis Home Insurance asked some ex-burglars for advice on where - and absolutely not - people should hide items like jewelry and other small valuables while they were away. And they say families should avoid hiding valuables in living room drawers and dressers, pots and pans, and locked safes that aren't attached to the floor or wall, as these are the places thieves look first.

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But where should you hide the things that you don't take with you?

The best hiding places are children's toy boxes or food boxes, say the ex-burglars, rice boxes, cereal boxes. The intruders won't go through all of the food. The safest room is the children's room, as many burglars regard them as a no-go area. That is an unwritten rule. The space under the couch is also a good hiding place. Likewise, DVD cases.

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Post reveals your absence

One study found that door-to-door parcel deliveries were one of the most obvious indicators that someone is on vacation. Online shopping made it easier, explains one ex-burglar. When you walk through the neighborhood and a package on the doorstep there is a high probability that the residents are not there. Just as treacherous are newspapers and leaflets sticking out of the mailbox. So let your neighbors unload your mail and only deliver the parcels when you are back home.

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These things give away that you are not home

Locked curtains, no car in the driveway - all unwritten invitations for burglars. So leave the light is on in a roomThe ex-burglars advise on the Mirror news website, preferably in the hallway. The most ingenious is deception with one Timer. Research found that burglar up to two months spend watching a house before taking action. A former burglar said it was on homes between 4 and 5 p.m. during the school disregarded, while others prefer the at nightat 3 o'clock started when most people were asleep.

Be careful who you tell all about your exact vacation plans. Do not post your upcoming departure on social media or on their mailbox and inform your neighbors that you are going away.

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