What is the best biography of Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti

I claim that the truth is a pathless land and that there are no paths that lead to it - no religions, no sects. That is my point of view, which I take absolutely and unconditionally. The truth is limitless, it cannot be conditioned, it cannot be reached in predetermined ways and therefore cannot be organized. Therefore no organizations should be founded that lead or compel people on a certain path. Once you understand this, you will see that it is utterly impossible to organize a belief. Faith is an absolutely individual matter and one cannot and must not press it into organizations. If you do, it becomes something dead, rigid; it becomes greed, a sect, a religion that is imposed on others. [...] I do not want to belong to any spiritual organization of any kind, and I ask you to understand that. I emphasize again that no organization can lead a person to spirituality. When an organization is formed for this purpose it becomes a crutch that weakens you, a prison. Such organizations cripple the individual, prevent them from growing and living their uniqueness, which lies in the fact that they all alone discover this absolute, unrestricted truth. This is another reason that, as I am the Order's President, I have decided to dissolve the Order. Nobody pushed or persuaded me to make this decision. This is not a great deed because I don't want disciples or followers; I mean it the way I say it. The moment you start following someone, you stop following the truth. " (quoted from Jayakar 1988, p. 86f)